Chester Eastgate


Excellent work, David. I especially like the fact you have crowded the scene with people...this is how you expect to see these places.

Amazing detail.

Fabulous detailed sketch David, must have taken enormous patience as well as lots of skill

Thank you very much! All of your comments are so kind. All in all there's maybe 15 hours of work in this over 4 days.

Superb drawing David. Such great detail.

So detailed and superbly drawn.

Great detail, great figures.

Marvellous detail. One of those drawings that makes you stop, look and admire!

Very skilful and you have caught the atmosphere so well, glad you included the famous clock.

Excellent drawing David - love your gallery too.

Magnificent drawing.


Another super drawing of a difficult subject

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Chester is one of my favourite English cities. The arch is actually part of the town walls - the most complete medieval town walls in the whole of England. The clock tower was built in 1897 in honour of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

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