Toulouse Lautrec sketches - A4 sketchbook.

Toulouse Lautrec sketches - A4 sketchbook.

He’s also a favourite of mine, Lewis. These are super sketches. The colours are perfect.

Nice work Lewis. I like the solo hatted gent very much.

I love the simplicity of his posters, bold use of colours and line coupled with counterchange. Yes, a firm favourite of mine also Lew, and I look forward to seeing more super drawings like this.

They all look great Lewis, you are so skilful.

Fine work Lewis, and no trouble recognising any of it. Look forward to that painting.

Looks like a great start to your project Lewis, look forward to seeing more 😀

Great warm up sketches Lewis.

Looks good and sounds like a wonderful project. At your present rate you´ll easily do 700 in a year. That´s just two a day with a break at Christmas. ;-)

Thanks to all for your comments, thanks for taking the trouble to make them. I hoping to start the painting soon.

Just seen this one. Excellent sketches.

Hang on Studio Wall

I'm thinking of painting an homage to Lautrec, and have done some sketches to get into the swing. He's a favorite artist. He had a tragic yet riotous life, dying at age 36 from a combination of congenital illness and a wild lifestyle. Nonetheless, he left behind 700 paintings, many posters and thousands of drawings (and I thought I drew a lot). I like him because his main focus was people, he's also considered by many to be the father of the modern poster. He created many innovations for printed lithographs. His short life has made a great impact on the art this regard he has many parallels with Van Gogh (who also died young), but Lautrec had no trouble selling his work. Watercolour...the portrait of him is done with a brush and black paint (from an old photo).

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