Philip Marlowe (6 x 4 inches - watercolour)

Philip Marlowe (6 x 4 inches - watercolour)

Laconic and no nonsense types... love the write up as much as the picture. I'll find a use for that "face that's been slept in" line.

Wonderful!!! I too love your write up, some great lines.

He looks pretty dodgy to me. Are you sure he is the good guy? Like the write up too.

Love those old movies, still watch them when they are played, Robert Mitchum springs to mind, this is another great sketch.

Great picture,Lewis.

No doubt Hank Jansen figured in your reading back a ways Lewis. Love the totally un-Hollywood reality of your heroes. Bogart, Mitchum, Lorre, Orson Wells and Sidney Greenstreet all come to mind. Keep up the great images...(-:

Brilliantly depicted. He looks intimidating as well.

Indeed, meaningful lines. And you are a no nonsense artist Lewis. Another very expressive piece.

Posted on Fri 30 Mar 14:51:25

Laconic is exactly the look you've captured so well, Lewis. Top marks yet again!

Excellent Lewis!

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This is my idea of Chandler's private eye, but he's representing a whole swathe of characters from writers like Elmore Leonard and Ed McBain. I love the spare, cut to the bone, way they are written...every word having to earn it's keep. And they are full of great lines...describing a suspect...'He had the kind of face that looked like it had been slept in all night.' Nonsensical maybe, but you instantly get the picture. 'She was blond. The kind of blond that would make a Bishop kick a hole through a stained glass window.' Hard bitten, no nonsense writing...great. Movies like 'The Big Sleep', and 'The Long Goodbye' etc..etc.

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