Page 23-Growing up project-digital

Page 23-Growing up project-digital

It occurs to me that this is text and a photo and has no real place in POL, but as it's part of this project it seemed odd not to post it. Allow some leeway.

Don’t apologise. I know we all await the next episode eagerly and it is an ongoing saga.

Been really interesting as we feel we know you from your comments and previous work Lew.

Thanks for sharing this , Lewis, whole book has been great, loved it!

You have my respect Lewis. Strangely, when I went to Newcastle to join the RN in 1964 I was put into a room alone after I’d taken the tests and a marine recruiter came in and tried to persuade me to join the marines instead of the navy. He said I was just the sort they wanted. Emphatically ‘No’ I said. I just wanted to be a naval airman. I knew it would be too tough for me in the marines.

Thanks to all for your great feedback. I doubt there'll any more 'on-goings' Carole. This arose from chats with our grandsons, they seemed interested in the differences when we were young...riding a soap-box cart down the road, for example. Just the cover to finish off...been doing some gardening today, but I'll get the cover finished this evening. Micheal, I was too thick to know any different. There were many times when I regretted joining the Royal Marines, especially during training when they were trying to beat the civilian out of you. But I don't regret it...some truly great times and some truly mind-numbingly boring you, an every other ex serviceman, will know.

Have enjoyed reading your story, Lewis

A fascinating end to your entertaining series Lew, from that carefree little lad to this, and again only another step on that great ladder of life! I hope the youngsters in your family appreciate the time and effort taken over your project, and realise it’ll all be different again in another 50 years!

Loved watching all this evolve Lew . It has been fascinating . Thank you .

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Almost there.

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