Fred's Dream Page 15.

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Arrived just right for my bedtime story , many thanks Lewis . Stay well

Excellent once agin Lew, I look forward to seeing each issue.

Super sketches Lewis. Enjoying the storyline.

Your writing is immaculate - I wish mine was as legible! Can't wait for the next episode!

Always enjoy your new episodes Lewis. Don’t know how you do it. Superb work.

Thank you everybody for the encouragement. Linda, my writing is awful too, I add any text in photoshop when I assemble all the drawings onto the page.

Wise words ... and great illustrations!

Just great Lewis. I've just had another look through your 'gallery' and what an incredible body of work it is, top top quality!

Great sketches and so imaginative with the story line.

You have a canny humour, Lewis. Nice work.

Posted by C Jones on Wed 28 Oct 10:28:21

Exceptional artwork again.

So much skill Lewis, and a captivating story too!

Great stuff again Lewis, Yes a bit wordy but we can forgive you for that!!

Posted by Bob Ward on Wed 28 Oct 11:08:43

Thanks for your great comments, everybody. You are very adventurous to wander into my gallery Russell, you can get lost in there. But thank you for your generous comments.

Like everyone else really look forward to your stories and art !

Wonderful characters as ever Lewis!

You tell a great tale, a wonderful picture by themselves, your illustrations make the words come alive.

Great stuff Lewis love it.

Great Lew, wonderful drawing too.

Brilliant drawing and so funny!

Hang on Studio Wall

Events after Madame L'Estrange agrees to hang two of Emil's paintings in her gallery. A bit wordy.

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