A flawed argument. (Dawn's September challenge - back to school)

Back to school-small

Love it ... ah, the innocence and guile of youth!

Brilliant, Lewis, this challenge is perfect for you!

Excellent pen work, hmm reminds me of my school days.

The cane...those were the days Lew. Some of the teachers were born savages. Great sketch as ever. Made us behave though.

Your wit is as sharp as your drawing!

Very cryptic. Excellent as ever.

Thanks to all for your great feedback.


Ha ha fantastic Lewis

Brilliant Lewis.

As ever, just brilliant Lewis!

Excellent Lewis. As an ex teacher, thank God, I heard a lot of excuses. As a pupil in the 50's and 60's I had some really bad tempered teachers. One science teacher hit you with a billiard cue. If you called it a snooker cue you got another belt. Another woman teacher used knitting needles to inflict pain. Ah! happy days. Actually, I didn't mind school.

Can't fault his logic !!

Thanks again for your comments...very much appreciated. Yes Stuart, all that rings a bell with me. In my case it was flying chalk and blackboard dusters (the wooden ones), and a ruler across the knuckles. Medieval...but oddly, I enjoyed my schooling, especially the last three years.

Just seen this one. Brilliant Lewis, teacher with his cane, we had one teacher, a science master, who used to give defaulters electric shocks from a magnito! He was so oddball all the kids loved him.

Very good Lewis, brings back happy/unhappy memories of school. One of my chums at the art group is an ex teacher, a nicer, kinder man you could ever meet. But he was in charge of discipline for a time. He used to walk around glaring at everyone, clutching a great big leather and board thing, frightening the life out of everyone. Claims he never he used it! Now that's a wise Man!

The old ones are the best😂 excellent as usual Lewis.

Well done! Great cartoons!

Hang on Studio Wall

This, of course, is 1950's style. Although I wouldn't have had the nerve to try this ploy. A3 Sketchbook, pen and watercolour.

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