A woman's poem. (By ANON)

A woman's poem-small

Your illustration shows it exactly, Lewis, you made me smile as always.

Ha ha, by the look on her face, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her Lewis!

A wee beaut Lewis , keep them coming.

Thanks very much everybody, for your great comments.

Good for her. She looks very fierce. Thanks for amusing us Lewis.

Excellent painting and great humour.

The poem is an adaptation from the original Lewis. And its not modern It’s 1930’s.

LOL! My hubby didn't think it was funny though!

A poem by Mr Anony Mouse, love it. looks like you,v got your mojo back Lew.

I needed a laugh Lewis and this made us both laugh out loud. Great stuff!

A great combination of art.

Hang on Studio Wall

Looking at anonymous poems on the net, I found this. My picture is not that relevant, the poem's the clever thing. I don't understand this ANON thing, I'd like to know who wrote this...I'm sure I'd enjoy his/her poems. This one seems modern to me.

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