Abandoned  (13x14)

What a great atmosphere you have created here Skylar.

A sad atmosphere beautifully achieved.

Your painting reminds me of the conjuring. You can feel the sadness. Lovely.

Superb!! You have really captured the atmosphere.

Sad looking scene but a great painting Skylar.

Super atmosphere, Skylar.

Beautiful and so atmospheric

Absolutely gorgeous, Skylar, I can imagine what interesting tales these pieces could tell! Such super atmosphere you've captured!

Love the drama

Shaun- Thank you so very much!

Carole - Thank you! That atmosphere sort-of just evolved. As I was painting the image, I kept backing off the colors to match the direction the image was showing me.

Faye - Thank You! I have not yet seen "The conjuring"(1 or 2), but You have turned me in that direction.

Thanks so much, David! I paint usually much brighter. I think this is from my subconscious.

Thanks so much, Paul!

Jenny - Thank you!

Thanks, Russell!

Diana - Thank you very much!

Thalia - Thank you! This image took over. I didn't start it this way... I know all of us have this happen from time-to-time, when the painting takes over.

Romilia - Thank you so much! I appreciate the comment.

This painting is amazing. Atmosphere grabs you at first glance.

Stephen - Thanks so much for your comment!

Wonderful atmosphere you have created

Karen - Thank you very much!

Val-Irene - Thank you so much!

Hang on Studio Wall

Neglected & forgotten. 14x13. A very impressionistic piece.

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