Sunlit Sofa

SunLit Sofa (11x14.300)

A great composition and play between inside and outside. I really enjoyed this painting.

William - Thanks so much for the great comments!

Superb lighting.

Another excellent painting Skylar.

That is totally convincing Skylar. Well painted. The sunlight shadows and creases on the sofa are so good. Also the trees and sunlit garden; it took me a while to notice the jogging figure!

Love this window on the world! A stunner!

Beautifully balanced light between inside and out. The figure is a nice touch. Draws the eye.

Beautiful light and great composition. Highly effective and creates real depth.

Love the composition and colours, Skylar, a striking painting.

Amazing realism and detail Skylar. Classy work.

Agree with all the above comments. Amazing sunlight, it is so real.

Thanks so much, Stephen!

Alicia - Thank you! I do try coming up with unique perspectives.

Paul - Thanks so very much!

Michael - Thank you! When I first planned this, I didn't think about the view thru the window. Glad I thought it out! I thought a distant figure would give more depth.

Thank you very much, Linda!

Paul - Thank you! I must remember to use this approach again.

Thanks so very much, Alan!

Jenny - Thank you, sincerely!

Jim - Much appreciated! Thanks!

Elwell - Thank you very much!

Lovely composition

Romilia - Thank you!

A stand out painting Skylar - the light is just perfect and then you are taken outside.

I like the strong shapes of the window and shadows ... and the clearly placed figure.

Shaun - Thank you! I love your description - spot-on. Exactly as I had hoped.

David - Thanks so much! I say to you what I wrote to Shaun. You see the whole thing!

Thank you very much, Shirley!

This is so real.. I love the sunlit sofa, the shadows and composition.

Lyn - You're so kind. Thank you!

I almost didn't post this, because I thought it a bit boring...

Hang on Studio Wall

Another couch. 11x14" Impressionism. After painted that drab image, I was compelled to brighten things again.

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