Beyond the garden gate

Beyond the garden gate

Its ended up really lovely Jenny, perseverance always pays.

Definitely should not be binned, Jenny! It has turned out lovely :)

A gateway to an enchanted world perhaps Jenny? It is enchanting.

Oh don't bin it Jenny, it's a good illustration for a story.

Thanks very much Alan, Margaret, Fiona and Carole for your encouraging comments. (I feel a bit happier with it now that it's actually finished - time to move on to something else!)

I think it is beautiful , love the tree with the autumn colour leaves.

Thanks, Annick!

You would never know Jenny looks perfect to me

Many thanks, Dennis. (It looks OK as a digital image, but 'in the flesh' is definitely a bit messy in places, but I couldn't face doing it all over again!)

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 24 x 29 cm. I've wasted hours on this, couldn't get it to look right, and eventually in exasperation sloshed a lot of water over the top half intending to bin it - and to my surprise this improved it no end! Think there's a lesson here somewhere - it doesn't always pay to try too hard! (It may still end up in the bin, though.)

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