Amethyst Crystal.

Anna Mason Amethyst

This is brilliant Jennifer. How on earth did you make it sparkle? What medium did you use?

I used Watercolour Medium, Carole, and painted this from an Anna Mason Tutorial.

Wow, this must have taken so much time, so hard to do and brilliantly achieved.

Thank you Heather. I love jewellery and this crystal was begging me to try painting it! I hope to do more, but on a larger scale!

It is so true to life. I actually have a piece similar to this, so know it to be true. Well done

Hi Jenny. I just love jewellery and crystals and have been trying to paint some. This Amethyst was from an A.M. tutorial, so it was a great find to have a go at! Hoping to do some more! Thank you for taking time to comment so kindly. Why don't you paint your crystal??? Go on . . . have a go!!!!! xx

Hi Diana! It's always great to get your feedback. It's from an A.M. tutorial, but it took me hours!!!

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Very difficult to get the Reflections and Refractions right in this, but worth the effort! It was one of Anna Mason's that I tried.

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