Tea stained paper

Tea Stain

I read this as " tear stained paper" at first😂. The effect is very interesting Jennifer.

You really have to see this in close up to see the amazing effect, might give this a try Jennifer.

I love the colour tint of tea and coffee staining Jennifer, I once dipped some old lace to get he right tint very effective. I like your idea, must try it. Love your painting:)

Love the unusual effects Jennifer. Great experiment.

Interesting! I would try different papers and try wet int wet as well as wet into dry as well as trying onto gouache and emulsion paint. Many possibilities.

I’ve used thinned down coffee for ageing paper, that works well, it kind of makes the paper crispy like old parchment.....if you want the full tatty edged look. I like the concept of this very much.

I don't agree with your assessment; I think this is lovely!

Thank you all for your lovely and helpful comments. I shall give yours ideas a go to see what evolves!!!!:)

Hang on Studio Wall

From Billy Showell once again, I tried this painting on tea-stained Greaseproof paper. It didn't turn out very well, but I will try the tea-staining again because I like the effect so much. Any tips will be appreciated!

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