JPR British Lion, Barbarian, London Welsh and Wales Rugby hero.

JPR  British Lion, Barbarian, London Welsh and Wales Rugby hero.

Splendid tale and a great portrait Jennifer. Nice work.

Thank you Jim. I appreciate your comment.

A splendid piece of work, Jennifer. An excellent range of color in the face, great character and the eyes so well done.

Excellent portrait of a great player. He seemed indestructible when he played.

You have done a marvellous job of this Jennifer. The mouth and teeth are brilliant - a difficult task. The wrinkles are also beautifully painted and the overall skill is outstanding. Is it in watercolour?

I am so chuffed with your kind comments. Thank you all, I appreciate it. Lewis, what a great comment which I shall study. Stephen, I appreciate your kind comment and, yes, he was a fantastic player and still is a great man. When he was a schoolboy, my brother played against him. He said he was outstanding even then. Carole, I am so delighted with your critique. Thank you very much indeed. His teeth WERE very difficult and it was even more challenging to get his smile, instead of a grimace! Just a fraction of a degree changes everything!!! Finally, yes it is Watercolour. I like the mingling of colours in Watercolour and cannot get the same effect with any other Medium. Any advice?????

Good portrait, Jennifer.

The legendary JPR, what a man and what a player, great work Jennifer.

Thank you so much, Cesare. Thank you , Russell. Indeed , what a great man. He still looks the same as he ever did , except for the hair colour now of course.

That's a great portrait of a great man Jennifer.

Thank you, Val, for your lovely comment.

I couldn’t possibly give advice to such a professional as yourself. I would never achieve anything like your art in a million years. However, I do find soft pastels and pastel pencils a lot easier for portrait work as they are much more controllable but of course you don’t get the happy accidents possible in watercolour.

Great portrait, Jennifer

Hi Carole. Thank you for your kind words. However, if you saw MY Pastel work, I am sure you wouldn't look twice at it!!! I get in such a mess with pastels and I wish I could do better with them. I shall have to try, since I have both Pastels and Pencils. I'll have a go! Many thanks for your kind comment, Maureen. I appreciate it.

Hang on Studio Wall

I met JPR at a Reunion of Welsh Rugby players who had also been British Lions.What a wonderful day it was. I asked JPR if I could have a photograph with him and maybe paint his portrait from it. The great man obliged. This is my first attempt at his Portrait.

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