Eat Less


Very apt Frank and well illustrated.

Love it and challenge well met. It's a painting, too, that raises the question, slightly surreal, so top marks from me!

Just brilliant love the humour too.

Simple but very effective.

I like the painting, not sure about 'eat less.'

Great painting. I do love butter on my crackers 😋

Thanks everyone for commenting, I did really enjoy this little exercise. Don’t think I’d fancy this diet either Lewis and I’d definitely need some butter on that cracker too Faye!

That cracker looks edible.

Butter and cheese required Frank. But very well done for a challenging subject!

That's a cracker Frank! (a really good cracker)

I love it Frank! It also brings to mind " A Cream Cracker under the sofa" ( Talking Heads, Alan Bennett), remember that one?

A striking painting, Frank - the juxtaposition of the fork and the cream cracker reminds me a bit of surrealist paintings, where two everyday objects don't fit together. Maybe this could be interpreted as a critique of the diet industry?! I really like it.

Thanks again all, I definitely remember Alan Bennett’s cream cracker story Marjorie 😀 and I never thought about the ‘surreal’ element Jan - maybe worth working on that theme.

A perfect cracker Frank.

A few slices of butter and a chunk of cheese before I would go near it Frank! A great idea and very well painted.

Lovely painting

I'm starving - looks so appetising lol

Hang on Studio Wall

Our art group’s painting topic this month is “Healthy New Habit”, to tie in with New Year’s resolutions. Best I could come up with was a lone cracker and a totally inappropriate eating instrument, as ‘eat less’! Gouache in my 8x5in sketchbook.

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