Coal Powered Fish ‘n Chips


Excellent Frank, love it, beautifully painted.

I remember the Art Deco design above the fryers. Takes me back Frank ( a long way!)

Frank this is brilliant! Love the Art Deco fryer, the colours of the time and all that stainless steel….it’s a terrific. Glad you did keep at it!

Super Art Deco work and a great sense of place. Love how you’ve painted the reflections and I think this is a great piece of social history Frank.

Excellent painting Frank , my mouth is watering, I can even smell them mmm good memories.

Lovely painting Frank. Lots to look at. 👀

Wow, who'd have thought these were still in use. Terrific painting Frank. Love it, and those reflections are top notch.

Thanks all. Carole S, Carole K and Fiona, that fryer is a wonderful piece of style and engineering in real lie. It’s a real eye opener Lewis, after waiting in a long queue, then eventually seeing something like this. The only other coal powered fish and chip oven I know about is in a large vintage van at Abbey Road pumping station in Leicester, though I don’t think it is in working cooking order.

Fascinating info Frank! This is a wonderful painting. Such a shame that you didn't enjoy the process though.

Well worth the effort at sticking at this Frank, it’s amazing. All the reflections spot on, the colours you’ve used to describe the metal, the almost bored look on the woman’s face as she waits. It sort of reminds me of the mundane, everyday themes of Norman Rockwell.

Very well painted Frank - good colour combination and such an interesting subject. Now you can enjoy the fact that it’s finished and turned out so well.

It's brilliant, Frank! So much detail, just WOW!

Well, all that work paid off Frank it's a beauty (and what an interesting story)

Beautifully painted, Frank - especially all that stainless steel - and interesting narrative.

Well thanks again everyone, I don’t feel quite so bad about it after reading all your comments. The continuing saga is that I dropped it and dented the corner, so now I have to spend more time on it repairing and repainting the corner again!

Brilliant, Frank. Used to have one in a nearby village. Well done for sticking with it, it looks great.

So well painted, love the reflections on the shiny surface

This was my friend's mother's shop for many many years. How lovely to see your painting of it. Joan will be thrilled. Thank you.

Thank Elaine - that’s nice to know

Hang on Studio Wall

In a small village in Lincolnshire called Upton, there is a tiny fish and chip shop that reputes to be the only coal powered fish and chip shop in the world! They cook their fish and chips in beef fat and are the most tastiest I have ever tasted, a real melt in the mouth sensation! Although artist friends at our painting group love this painting, I have not enjoyed painting it one little bit and I don’t know how I managed to keep working on it week after week! Acrylic on board 30x30cm

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