A Fir For New Year.....

A Fir For New Year.....

Lovely painting, Fiona - Happy New Year!

A lovely painting and a lovely thought Fiona. My instincts tell me you will be having a great 2017. Thank you for loveliness. You are amazing. Happy New Year.

Happy Hogmanay to you too! Your gorgeous painting spurred me on to do my ink as a final flourish in 2016. You've got sunshine!!

Wonderful, Fiona!

Brill as usual... and a happy Hogmanay to you to. x

A lovely cool light - let's hope for all the best things in 2017!

Delicious as usual. Happy new year.Barry/Brian😂🍾

Thank you Jan, much luck to you. Michael, I'll rely on your instincts, they have served you well. Health and harmony to you and Annette for the coming year. Thanks Gudrun......wherever I go!! lol Thank you Cesaer, and Sylvia, will you be first footing this Hogmanay, if you are be careful, you don't want to slip and land on your 'black bun! lol Much luck to you both for 2017.

It's survivor through winter

Thank you Marjorie, plenty of love and laughter would be at the top of my list marjorie and I hope you have plenty of both too. Might see you at the spring fling in 2017. My apologies Brian/Barry....and I hadn't even got the lid of the bottle! Thank you for your lovely comment, have a wonderful New Year.

Indeed it is Dennis, as I hope you and I will too! Wishing you happy times to come in 2017. X

Thank you for your gorgeous firs; all the best to you too Fiona, lets hope we all get some of the endurance, long sight and clear vision next year to make a difference in this complex world.

Now that would be something to celebrate Sharon! Health and happiness to you and thank you.

Lovely start to the New Year Fiona. All the best to you and yours....

A wonderland Fiona, very beautiful. Have a brilliant new year! 🍷🍷x

Nice loose work Fiona... do I see some spontaneous marks? how effective...

Wonderful, as always Fiona. Compliments of the season.

Many thanks and my best wishes Jim, Carole, Guy and Henry for your comments.

Love the colours in this one Fiona.

Thank you very much Audrey!

Great painting Fiona, Happy New Year to you too.

Such a beautiful winter fir Fiona! I wish you a lot of happiness for this brand new year! X

Margaret and Satu, thank you both for your good wishes and also for your continued support throughout the past year. X

Lovely, Fiona - Happy New Year to you as well!

Thanks Jenny!

A lovely painting Fiona wonderful wintery scene

Just lovely, Fiona. A real Hogmanay scene! Are you still partying??? Happy New Year to you and yours. xxx

Nice painting Happy 2017

Thank you very much David, Jennifer....no I've had enough now...lol, Ruth for your kind comments. Hope 2017 is a good year for you all.

Lovely loose work and I am fascinated by the abstract strokes across the foreground

Many thanks for your comment Paul, nothing mysterious about the foreground marks really, I just like to put a flick here and there to add a bit of something...lol

Thanks Jenny, you too!!

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.....always associated with this time of year (long before the traditional 19thc Christmas tree) the Fir tree is steeped in many cultures, and most continents, folklore. In Celtic folklore especially around the winter solstice. A symbol of endurance, long sight and clear vision of what is to come, and what is beyond. Wishing you all fortitude and luck for the New Year and beyond. Happy Hogmanay!

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