River Bladnoch

River Bladnoch

Lovely atmosphere to this Fiona, and the restricted palette and colours used are very effective.

Lovely Fiona it has a slightly more loose feel which I like and the colours seem just right.

Love it Fiona real watercolour beautiful work

I really like this, Fiona. It has, I think, a feeling of serenity. I also like the puddle story!

An atmospheric scene well depicted Fiona, the sky is superb with that hint of yellow and looks quite foreboding, and with some nice touches of warmer colour in the middle distance.<br /><br />My only criticism, and it is an important point, the land mass is all a bit horizontally central, a bit more sky and less water perhaps, but a splendid en plein air sketch for all that.

Very nice Fiona, Great atmosphere! Makes me feel like I&#39;m fly fishing cold, wet and windy!

Very nice painting, Fiona, and lovely palette.

Puddles so what if it&#39;s there use it especially when it turns out as good as this Fiona.

How fantastic to have the story behind the painting and colours used. It makes me feel I&#39;m there. The low light and subdued palette have created a lovely and unusual painting. Nice work, Fiona! Perhaps forget the water on purpose next time? Another one like this would be good to see!

A lovely plein air painting Fiona....it has very loose and fresh feel to it!!

You made me laugh with your puddle Fiona! The painting is lovely, lot of textures and a wonderful palette.

This is full of atmosphere Fiona! Lovely work.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments, a lovely surprise! <br />A fair point Alan, thank you for making me aware of it, I will try and remember to solve that issue when I work it up into a larger size. Very important area with regard to the whole composition...thanks again.<br /><br />I may resort to using the puddle method again, I wonder if it has anything to do with it being salt water in the puddle?

Lovely work so well done! I have my paint mag now really excited thank you for your lovely comment.:)Linda

Another super watercolour Fiona, nice restricted palette and has a peaceful feel to it. I don&#39;t see much wrong with the composition personally, perhaps the main bare tree could be a little to the right and then be a good vertical around the golden section area? I suppose composition is a personal thing, we all see it differently. The water flows nicely around the bank/island, taking the eye towards the tree, perhaps you could have been the tree reflection pointing a bit to the right to add to that. Ok I&#39;ll stop rambling!

Super sketch, break the rules!

Beautiful painting Fiona, love this a lot :)

Thank you very much Linda! Thanks Stephen, I may use one or two of your suggestions on the &#39;proper&#39; one. Many thanks Helen and Maria, much appreciated.

I really like this one, Fiona - that subtle low light and the lovely loose brushwork really lend such wonderful atmosphere to the piece. Brilliant work!

Splendid mood Fiona , I love these sketchbook watercolours they&#39;re beautifully direct ....... that&#39;s a first muddy water :) I think most of us artists are barking mad at times , the things we do for art :)

Many thanks Seok and Dermot!

How have I missed this? It&#39;s very moody with the low light and restricted palette. I can&#39;t think how you could better this with a &quot;proper&quot;one Fiona.

This is such a subtle painting Fiona…I love the limited palette and colour tones….it definitely suggests late afternoon!

Thank you very much Marjorie and Sarah, very kind of you to comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchbook watercolour 12"x9". This is a view looking back up the river Bladnoch from the Wigtown wetland nature reserve, it's where the river runs into the Cree estuary. It was late afternoon with weak hazy sunshine and everything was in silhouette. If it looks muddy here and there it's because I had to use a puddle for my water, packed everything else in my bag but forgot the main ingredient....water &amp; container! Lucky it had been a high tide to leave lots of puddles!lol

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