Kirroughtree Wood

Kirroughtree Wood

Another atmospheric woodland scene, Fiona. Very good effects with your limited palette

That was quick Pat...thank you very much! I was just checking the quality of the picture, it's a bit large!

You little devil Fiona, lemon yellow, and it's worked very well here. Good feeling of depth, with strongly painted foreground trees and vegetation and progressively fainter and smaller ones going into the distance. Can't beat painting on site to improve your skills. You do make an artistic couple.

Just my sort of thing - it would be easy to get very fussy with this: I was out walking a few days ago, trying to find something to paint, and got into woodland: trees, branches, twigs, brambles, ivy - some of it coming down in great ropes from the tops of the trees, like lianas in a rain-forest; you can&#39;t possibly show it all or the picture would be unreadable. And indeed - you haven&#39;t. Selection and editing is as important in painting as it is in writing a decent bit of prose; and that doesn&#39;t mean minimalism, either ... but I mustn&#39;t start writing an essay on your painting!<br /><br />Let&#39;s just say I like it.

Oh dear Fiona, what a shame!!!, to turn out something like this and I find that I have run out of things to say about your pen and wash, each one as good if not better than the last. I must say that I do like the Lemon Yellow, it gives that promise of coming out of the darkness and tangle of the wood into the sunlight, nice touch, lovely pen work and colours, nice one (again) :)))

Great love these Fiona. Such clever use of pen.

Fiona, particularly like the leaf shapes and colours, with the splash of yellow. The foreground would almost make a painting itself!

What an adventurer you are Fiona braving the weather the spirits and the holy water infused with lemon yellow. Beautiful work

Its all been said Fiona . All i can say is I like it a lot and I can smell. the woodland almost. Lovely..

Very nice painting, Fiona.

It&#39;s really lovely Fiona and as Syd said you can almost smell the woodland but where are the squirrels!

I like this Fiona, love the different thicknesses of line that you&#39;ve achieved with the branches. (Some of these images do look a bit large on POL - I hold the CTRL button and press the minus key till the picture is small enough to fit on my monitor screen).

Love this, particularly the right hand detail in the tree.

I know Stephen, what next......five, six or even seven colours, all in one painting, the excitment may be too much!!lol Thank you very much and I agree about painting on site.<br /><br />Thank you Robert, I have left more out than I have included, you have to, as you say.<br /><br />Malcolm, you are not the first to be left speechless with regard to my paintings, but not for the same reasons as you have listed!lol Thank you for digging deep to find something lovely to say about it, appreciated.

Carole, Jenny...thank you very much ladies.<br /><br />Lol Dennis, yes I am an adventurer but only a fine weather adventurer! Thank you.<br /><br />Thank you very much Syd, you are very kind. At this time of year that&#39;s the main thing that hits you in woodland, the smell of the leaves and dampness....lovely!<br /><br />Many thanks Cesare, much appreciated.

Now that would be a challenge for me Christine, to do a squirrel, not very good at fact I&#39;m rubbish! Thank you very much for your lovely comment.<br /><br />Thank you for that Frank, I&#39;ll give it a try.....glad you like it!<br /><br />Many thanks Peter, that tree and the undergrowth beneath it is my favourite bit, not too keen on the

Knew that was yours straight away, love it.

Lovely line work with pen or twig maybe. Colours perfect.

Lovely graphic work, Fiona. A delightful Quickie!

Thank you very much Glennis, would you like a close up photo of a red squirrel?<br /><br />Thanks Derek, a bit of each but mainly pen this time.<br /><br />Many thanks Ruth, I think it&#39;s one of the quickest I&#39;ve done for a long time, you can see where the paint has run.

Well Fiona, it&#39;s all been said, and I also think that you have created a very interesting composition, not overstated like I would do with too many branches, and I do like your twigs, you&#39;re getting rather good at these little sketches.

Thank you very much Alan, do value your criticism and advice...thanks again.

Really nice pen work. I love this sketch<br />

Not a lot left to be said Fiona except that I like it a lot.

Fiona, love your marks in this, the foreground colours work really well against the backround. The strong ink narks are great.

Jane, George, Roland....thank you very much for taking the time to leave your comments, much appreciated.

Thanks very much Gudrun, I was actually more interested in watching the squirrels...surprised I got anything down on paper!

I love the subdued pinky/bluey/ purples in this one Fiona, a great foil for the lemon yellow and your pen work is, as always, so expressive.

Thanks ever so much Val......I was in a rush!! How are you doing?

Really lovely woodland scene Fiona, I especially love the dark leaves at the front.

Thank you very much Satu!!

Excellent Fiona , your backgrond colour is perfect as it gives a lovely misty feeling to the whole piece , beautifully done .

Thanks ever so much Dermot, very kind of you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen & wash sketch, the usual fairly limited palette although I was quite daring and used lemon yellow here and there in this Kirroughtree wood is part of the Galloway forrest and a wonderful place for painting or photography, my husbands takes his camera and I take my sketch book and paints. He took some great pictures of red Squirrels that were scampering around and I managed to get this quickie done.

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