Fiona, I do like your pencil sketches, I could see them hanging in a gallery with a minimal black frame. I looked up the Kirkudbright galleries, the exhibition you mentioned is on until Sept 23rd so I will definitely make it before then. When September comes we will have some time to enjoy all these things, perhaps the other art events too!

Very descriptive linear abstactish drawing Fiona. Interesting info thanks.

Thanks Marjorie! Hope you manage to catch the exhibition, I kept tripping over my bottom jaw. Thank you Carole, it sort of developed that way....lol.

Love to see your sketches, Fiona. I really like the way you've treated the sky in this one. (I tend to leave it blank in my sketches...I must do better).

Good sketch Fiona, competition entry I suspect. You've gone blonde!

This sketch really illustrates design in the natural world. The patterns formed my rock formations is so striking. I think that some of the most beautiful designs in the world are natural ones

P.s just looking again at this striking piece, I noticed your new photo, you look great, love your hair! :)

Great lines in this sketch Fiona. Very eye catching.

Very striking Fiona, I like the little bits of turbulence in the sky just above the ridge lines where there is also some wiping out gives movement for me. I like the line work, as you know mountains are my life long passion and for me the line work in this is also suggesting the 'bones ' of the hills, but you know what my way of thinking is like with hills, nice one like it.

Love this Fiona, great strong lines 😀

Strong, bold drawing Fiona.

This is super, Fiona, love all the bold penwork and the semi-abstract feel to the rock formations.

It makes me want to get out and sketch !! Something I do to little of !great work!

Really like this Fiona. Great strong drawing.

Lewis, you do just great with your sketches, I sometimes leave the sky blank....I think if I’ve got to think about what to do with the sky, it’s usually leave it, or ruin it. Thank you. It is Alan, although a pretty poor one compared to the other entries. Just blonder Al, it’s magic! Lol Thank you very much Diana, I totally agree with you, just yesterday I stood ages staring at the formations in the bark of a tree.....I got one or two strange looks! Lol.....Carole you wouldn’t love it if you had it! I have naturally wavy/curly hair and it does it’s own thing I’m afraid, if I want it to behave I have to have it cut to within an inch of its life. I just leave it to do it’s own thing now I’ve lost patience trying to tame it...I call it my frosted mop not my crowning glory...lol. Thank you for your very kind compliment x Rachel thank you very much!

Malcolm! How lovely to hear from you, I hope you are well. I’m very pleased you find some positive aspects to my very poor representation of one of Scotland’s finest range of hills. I had hope to catch some of the patternsof rock formations and strata. Thank you for your comment Malcolm.

Many thanks Linda, Sarah, Jenny, Linda, Margaret for your encouraging and kind comments.

I love the way you've drawn this almost abstract, simple but so effective Fiona. I lovely part of Scotland I don't get to as much as I'd like these days.

Very bold and Very good Fiona.

This is good Fiona, strong lines and nice shading, impressive!

Brill. It`s surprising what you can see in a picture.....

I’m know what you mean Val, I didn’t take advantage of living in such a beautiful place as I should have done. I bet you miss visiting the north west.....thanks very much for your comment Val. Thank you Richard and Margaret for your lovely comments.

Many thanks Pete.......yes if you really study your subject and break it into shapes and tones, you can build a completely different scene altogether.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchbook & pencil. Quinag is the Gaelic name for this range of hills consisting of three corbetts. The sketch is one of these corbetts but I can’t remember which end! Quinag (pronounced ...Kunn- yag) is Gaelic for milk pail, named after the resemblance of an upturned milk pail formation along its ridge.

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