Summer Skies - Dendritic

Summer Skies - Dendritic

Great composition so it was worth the effort!

It's addictive isn't it Fiona :) I've had a couple of goes, might post one later, but none as good as this. (Trying to work out how you did it )

Well done, glad you persevered

Wonderful Fiona i love the swallow

This is wonderful Fiona! I have spent all morning making an incredible mess and wasting mountains of paper not to mention my expensive Golden Fluid Acrylics!. I blame Michael!

This one is so clever.lovely.

Yes I ended up with a bin full of paper and paint all over the place - this works so well it was worth the effort. Sorry christine.

Amazing Fiona, I love it. :)

Thank you very much everyone for your lovely comments, it's really refreshing to try something different.

Very clever Fiona! I wondered if you put the bird after the first print and lifted more colour out. A cutout bird I mean.

Super, Fiona, such a vibrant blue which contrasts well with the white paper. The yellow flower adds an offset focal point. I haven't locked on how to do it yet. Where do you find the instructions as I would like to have a go.

Thanks Satu! I have some vintage wallpaper with the swallows on so cut one out with a scalple, put my paint onto the glass, then put the other piece of glass on top...pressed then seperated and before I put my paper on to lift the print I placed the swallow cut out on it, then put the paper on top smoothed it out then lifted off. The lighter area where the bird is was lifted off when I took the cut out off. Does that make sense? It doesn't to me and I did it!lol

Thanks Thea! Michael Edwards posted the link for the instructions on his first posting of the Dendritic. I'll have a look and get you the link.

Stunning piece, Fiona - I really like how you balanced the large shape of the bird and the yellow flower(?) against the detail in the background. Works superbly!

Again, thank you so much Seok for taking the time to comment. It's meant to be the sun, but I'm out of practice painting it, haven't seen very much of it this summer!lol

Definitely worth the effort and paper. Glorious summation of summer.

Thank you Gudrun.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on A4 printer paper. Took me four goes to get this one.....I think I've used a tree's worth of paper already!lol

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