Forgot to say, Percy has adopted me. He turned up about three weeks ago in the garden hardly able to stand up. Caught him, looked up his registration number and rang the chairman of the club. He had been released four days earlier, his maiden flight of 68 miles. Not many of the birds released that day returned, they were attacked by four peregrines according to the driver who released them and they scattered. He is free to go any time he wants, I don't keep him closed up or anything, he goes somewhere else to roost but he's usually waiting for me to feed the hens in the morning.

Lovely painting and lovely story, Fiona.

This made me smile Fiona, what a lovely story behind the painting, great stuff!

you are an angel and I love the painting Fiona , a lot of these poor pigeons are starving and you can pick them up they race them and they get lost and slowly starve , I bet he stays for years

Cute Fiona, but how do you know its a "he".

Lovely Picture & lovely story Fiona....

Cesare, thank you very much! Many thanks Margaret! I know Dennis, it's sad, but he's welcome here for as long as he wants to stay. Thanks Dennis. It's easy to tell Pete....he's got his feet in the trough! Lol. One way of telling the difference, apparently, is one has a more rounded head and the other has a flatter head? Thank you for your comment. Thanks Sylvia!

Two fine postings Fiona.Lovely narrative to this one.

Lovely painting and nice story to go with it.

Posted by Emma P on Sun 20 Aug 16:27:50

A lovely story and painting Fiona and well done you for saving Percy

Peter, David and Emma....thanks very much for your comments. Percy appreciates it!

I hope that he stays with you Fiona, he makes a great subject to paint as well!

Thanks Sarah!

Good experiment Fiona and a great subject, a nuisance but attractive bird

Ah he's a homer, even better

I sometimes do an underpainting in pastel then wet it and let it dry. This "fixes" it and I can then work on top of it. Love Percy, and what a lovely story. You seem to have an affinity with birds Fiona.

Thank you Derek, yes he's a homer but a long way from his proper home. Val, thank you. As you know I'm new to pastels and I've recently started to use the uart sanded I was just trying out using a watercolour under painting before applying the pastel. It takes it very well.

This is just irresistible, Fiona! Gorgeous work with fabulous textures and great composition. That bird has attitude in spades!

That's excellent work Fiona

I love this picture, and how you saved Percy. I like the cheerful glint in his eye.

Thank you very much Alicia and Dermot.

Hang on Studio Wall

A bit of everything in this watercolour, charcoal, pastel and pencil. I was really trying out underwashes of watercolour on the uart sanded paper. It takes them very well, no cockling but it does take a little longer to dry. It will take water on to pastel to form washes as well. A day for doodling!

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