Thames Mud

Thames Mud

Nice work Fiona, the tide will soon cover it. Used to live by the Thames.

Marvellous!! I love the colours and the brushstrokes. Those black structures on the right sets everything off very nicely.

Nice contrast of darks and lights. Love how the composition draws the eye around the picture. Good work.

Impressionism looks eat but it isnt.. nice one Fiona

What a superb piece this is Fiona, tonally and composition brilliant, enough said.

Thank you John, Gudrun, Billy, Peter and Alan for your encouraging comments, I really appreciate them. Alan I can't take any credit, that belongs to the man himself but thank you X

Beautiful painting, Fiona, great brush strokes in the foreground, and lovely colours.

Wow, I really like this Fiona, even though you can see the influence you still have to be able to produce the painting yourself. I have only ever done one oil which is on my gallery, never tried since. I really like the freedom of this as I said based on someone else or not, you still have to have the skill and feeling to do it, nice one.

I am mindblown BRILLIANT Fiona

a great rendition of a fabulous seago one of my favourites .

Wow this is super work Fiona and an oil too, very well done.

I love the burnt sienna reddish tinges... It's those subtle touches that make it for me.... Nice fiona...

This is great, Fiona, I especially like the impressionistic feel to the colours and textures in the foreground.

lovely depiction of light and tones, well drawn and painted again Fiona

Yep...this is lovely Fiona!

I've never seen Seago's version but I can see your style in this Fiona, especially the little marks on top of the roofs and the wood jutting up in the middle ground. Did you enjoy doing it?

A superb painting Fiona! Now, have a look through your window and do what you normally do but with oils, using the same colours as in this one. Challenge!

Many thanks Cesare, Malcolm, Dennis, Dennis....for your lovely comments.

Thank you very much everyone for your comments, much appreciated. Marjorie yes I did enjoy doing it, I was in the middle of two other paintings and it took me a bout 45 minutes to do...that's the kind I like, quick and unfussy!lol That is a challenge Satu, I'll see what I can Thank you for your encouragement.

Great work Fiona love it.

Fiona -this is magnificent work. Following my belated reply to your comment on my "clouds over Bexhill I have just spent some time going through your gallery since about the 7th April. Firstly I must comment on how productive you are in all the different media. I wish I'd had time to comment at the time they went on the gallery as there is much to say about it all. I think the oil "Colour" ,the still life with the daffs (beautiful),apples and silver pot etc stand out above everything. The Quink experiments made me chuckle because I use my fountain pen filled with black Quink ink on a daily basis and yet I've never tried sketching with it. They are pretty outstanding sketches in their own right. Sorry I've not kept up with all your contributions, but thanks for your comments on mine.

Oh Fiona! This is so good! The dry brush work is super duper.

Lovely, lovely,lovely! The mud is not boring and the colours works so well together. A beautiful little scene Fiona.

Thank you Shaun! Carol, you are far too generous with your assessment of my work but it's very kind of you to say such lovely things about it. If you use Quink every day, you will perhaps find yourself Thanks Carol! Sarah and Carole...thanks ladies!

This is my favourite of your paintings I think. The colours are beautifully matched and there is real atmosphere here! I love the painterly effect.

Fiona, this is great, love all the variation in the sand, and the freedom and carefree-ness!!

Beautiful painting Fiona , Seago was touched with genius i was recently studying some of his works in gouache truly amazing

Many thanks Jackie, Caroline and Dermot. Dermot, like you I'm a great admirer of Seago's work, truly a genius.

This is fabulous, Fiona! I love the mud, you've done a sterling job with it. The whole piece is full of spontaneity and energy. Superb work!

Almost missed this one Fiona, a very nice painting indeed and as you say the way the mud is portrayed sets the painting off a treat, beautiful

Many thanks Seok and David for you lovley comments.

I missed this one Fiona, beautifully painted.

Thanks very much Margaret!

Super work Fiona....

Nothing muddy about this though Fiona! Full of interest.

Many thanks Guy and Peter for your lovely comments.

Wonderful work Fiona. I especially like the colour palette, and the way you've applied the paint is really effective.

Beautiful. I spent a lot of time on the banks of the Thames in Rotherhithe as a child. Wonderful reflections.

Thank you Yvan.

Hang on Studio Wall

18" x 16" Oil. A very loose impression of a Seago painting. I love the way he made the mud the star of the piece.

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