The Fallen

The Fallen

So like this Fiona, Strong , bold and colourful.

I agree, I like the format too Fiona.

Love the sentiment Fiona, and the format and limited colours.

Lovely little sketch Fiona, I always find this kind of subject interesting and have many fallen trees in my sketch books over the years. A wealth of drawing still available if you return at some point, you could hone in for more detailed work.

I was at Buttermere recently and saw five evergreen trees uprooted, whole rootball was vertical, but the branches on the uppermost part of the trunk were still growing upwards like mini trees. Unbelievable. This reminds me of that spectacle.

Blue v orange. Nice complimentary colours. Reminds me of Seago "The Broken Willow" page 39 on Ron Ranson's book

Even though the tree has fallen, the colours you have chosen bring the whole scene to life, lovely work Fiona 😀💕💕💕

This is the sort of art work I like and admire Fiona. Simple and from the heart, if you will. Lovely.

I think it's a great piece of semi-abstract painting, Fiona. The elongated limbs speak of wind and rain and the colours hint at life within death. One to contemplate. Bri

This is a very honest, contemplative work. Love the idea and the way you have executed this painting Fiona.

Blue and Orange always works. As said very bold.

Really striking picture, Fiona

Very many thanks everyone for your wonderful and positive feedback on this, appreciated. Many more trees to capture in this vain, in time, but I have to be in the mood.

I thought of stained/fused glass when a saw this Fiona. Beautiful.

It does Val, hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it......thanks very much.

I like this Fiona, so simple and yet powerful. The touches of colour look great.

Thanks Margaret!

Hang on Studio Wall

20”x8” Indian & coloured ink on Jackson’s rough paper. Inevitable end for some but there is life from this death.......lots of young, strong seedlings to take its place. As it decays it will create new habitats......a place of refuge and food for many other creatures of the wood.

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