February Forum Challenge

February Forum Challenge

Ah, those deadly skull caps which can also be worn on the head albeit a dead looking one! Gruesome yet good Fiona and don't you go eating any or your hat won't fit. Seems a bit off after talking about the consequence of eating skull caps to add 'LOL' but I will anyway LOL. Also, what do you mean weekend? That's two days away.

Nice one Fiona. To be honest, I'm not sure that any of us have got it right - but it's a bit of fun so great.

Well that's another good one, I expect this challenge is going to go on for a while yet 😀

Lol Fiona such fun😄 I've got to think hard about my version, it's a bit more difficult than the last!!!

Very good Fiona, It is a funny challenge. .

Good yes, gruesome yes !! I really must have a go at these Forum Challenges!

Lol Louise.....by the weekend I did mean my weekend...starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday! I know, I’ve gone all gruesome again, I can’t help it, I must have a bit of a dark side...lol Alan, Linda, Margaret, Annick, Richard thanks very much, it is fun!

I like the right one, Fiona. I think, looking at Magritte's work, that you nailed it with that one. Very good idea!

like the sketches Fiona,

Thank you Mia and David.

Well thought out Fiona.

Thanks Lesley.

Hang on Studio Wall

Couple of quick sketches, have I got it right? Goodness knows...lol! I’ll have a proper go at the weekend.

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