Dead Pines


You have excelled with this one !!

Very atmospheric - excellent, Fiona

I love this - full of movement and energy.

Incredibly atmospheric Fiona.

I do like your trees and the overall atmosphere Fiona, nicely drawn indeed. As for giant ants, well yes dear, water it down a bit in future!

Love those energetic, vertical markings and the shapes of the branches. Amazing what you can achieve after a dram or two Fiona.

Thank you Richard, the booze helped! Lol.....only kidding. Many thanks Margaret, appreciate your comment. Shaun, thank you very much, no heat though! Thank you very much Sylvia, it’s an atmospheric place to be, it gets under your skin. Thank you for your comment Alan, mean you can’t see the ant....hiccup. Carole, thanks very much......I’m going to have another go at it....sober this

Missed this yesterday Fiona, so having a laugh at the comments! I can see a stick person in there with a round face in the middle! Weird what we see in tree shapes, but very atmospheric.

As already has been said Fiona, bags of atmosphere in this and your spikey dead scots pines are great.

Tessa, Val thank you ladies for your encouraging comments. I hope to do another but from further back.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x14” watercolour, ink and oil pastel on Arches. These are a few of the dead Scott’s pines on the reserve where I help out. One of the water level gauges on the bog is at the far side of this clump of old trees and after taking the reading, I turned round and found myself in a prehistory world! There, just in front of me was this giant ant......I must take more water with it in

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