Johnny Print!

Johnny Print!

Do you know, it's not bad at all! You could have got away with this and pit 'experimental' without a fib! It was an experiment. I rather like the tyre mark. ... good old recycling.

Very clever you knew what you were doing all the time Fi

Well it pressed alright! 🚜🤗

Just seen this and of course I had to trawl back to see yesterday's and the story behind it. So funny Fiona, the story not the painting. I think you need to perfect the technique though!

You had a go Fiona, so you can build on the experience. We learn from a lot from getting stuck in.

One of the best monoprints that has been on here for a long time, the expertise and skill required to produce this impression, well, I could go on... but I won't. Top marks for ingenuity Fiona.

Fiona put it in for the Turner prize, it's better than some of the stuff that has won in the past. I must admit I have never tried any thing like this process so can only imagine the problems that can occur, at least you are giving it a go, good on you.

Well, you have the beginnings of a drawing, Fiona! I'm sure with your skill, you could embellish it into some landscape and it will come out wonderful!

LOL......thanks everyone for putting up with my silliness! I so wanted to do one of Alan's drypoint prints and this was the only way I could think of with enough weight/pressure for success without a press. Wrong! You know, I think 'IF' it had worked it would have been a wonderful print!!!lol Back to the drawing board. Thanks again!

Well, it has partially worked Fiona - maybe you just need to use some really sturdy board on top next time so you don't get a tyre print coming through!

Oh, there it is! I just read the story and asked you to send the result. Malcolm is right, it could be a winner.

Thanks very much Jenny and Satu...Turner prize here I come!!lol

Top marks for ingenuity Fiona!

You're not afraid to give things a go Fiona and my hat off to you for that ; tell people the ' piece ' is your deeply felt relationship to the juxtaposition of shape and colour and that's why the piece has an organic resonance , put a big price tag on it and call it untitled .... Take the money and flee

inventive as ever well done Fiona,Jonny is working well !

Sarah, my husband has a different word for it, it isn't ingenuity...thank you. That sounds like a good plan Dermot....others get away with don't they!lol Thanks David!

This sounds intriguing Fiona - have been away but will have to catch up on the postings to see what this all means!

Hang on Studio Wall

The end result of my attempt at a drypoint print, without a press but with the aid of a Johnny.....(see yesterday's posting) Gudrun, fortunately I had put it in the paper re-cycling box not the dustbin!lol

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