Hoopoe - Lino print

Hoopoe - Lino print

One of my favourite birds, they visit the garden of my little Casa in Spain and are so colourful and vocal.<br /><br />So, lino cutting is now on the agenda Fiona, and this isn&#39;t a bad effort at all, in fact it&#39;s damn good for your first shot. I love printmaking in all forms and I really look forward to seeing these develop.

I love hoopoes too and yours is a fine specimen Fiona. Lino cutting is great and the results sometimes unexpected. Your first attempt has turned out really well and even fingers intact!!

Super. It&#39;s great trying new things but you end up with so much stuff !

Great work Fiona :)

I am really impressed Fiona! My first attempt at Lino cutting was nowhere near as good as this. I think it has some really lively marks in it, and I like the subject very much.

Fair play this is really good especially for your first time , I look forward to seeing how you progress Fiona.

Gimme five Fiona beautiful piece

Hope to see more - a great first go - keep going.

Cool....think i will have a go...wonderful

I love good lino cuts prints. You should do more as I agree with the comments so far.

I&#39;m away from home at the moment and only viewing the gallery occasionally, love this lino print Fiona, never seen a hoopoe but what an interesting subject!

So good Fiona, bet it is mind bending knowing which to cut out but this is really good.

Fiona this is gorgeous, I would love to give him a cuddle. Excellent work.

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments and feedback, I enjoyed the challenge of something new and hope to pursue this technique further....providing I manage to keep all my fingers!lol Thanks again

That is brilliant for a first attempt Fiona. I&#39;ve tried lino printing and really enjoy the cutting part as I find it so relaxing. It&#39;s the ink bit I can&#39;t be bothered with. Ink and I just don&#39;t have a happy relationship, no matter how careful I am it always ends up everywhere :)

I know what you mean Val, I managed to cover everything including myself with ink. The cleaning up takes longer than the rest of the process I found!lol

Fiona, this is absolutely fabulous, and it&#39;s only your first piece! I can&#39;t wait to see more! I&#39;ve been wanting to try it too, but I think I need to wrap my head around the monoprinting first!

Hi Seok, yes it could get mighty confusing trying both printing methods! The thing is I&#39;ve found, when I&#39;ve completed the print from my inking board, I can draw into it and make a mono print from the left overs!! I&#39;m going to do a bit more to this one and try a different colour ink. Thanks very much for your comment.

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I've been wanting to try lino printing for a while and at last, I've done my first. Hopefully with a few more attempts I will get my head around which parts to leave and which parts to cut away. Manged to complete it with all fingers intact!

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