Dustus ‘Easterous’ Bunnius


He’s fabulous, love it!

Have a safe and happy Easter weekend, however you choose to spend it. And for heavens sake don’t be tempted to eat any Easter eggs that look like these.....especially if one Sylvia Evan’s offers it to you! 😂

Absolute fun, just as it should be to cheer us all up.

He has some character about him. Have a great weekend Fiona.

Have a good weekend Alan, don’t forget...a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips....😇 Thank you Stevan, yes a little fun but also a feeling of hope. You too Denise x have you seen any of these lurking about in dark corners?

Hehe, how wonderful! I’m staying away from eggs full stop, my waistline is bulging!

Well that's certainly got the weekend off to a good start. He's fantastic and made me laugh! Thanks for that Fiona. Happy Easter to you too.

Funnius bunnius Fiona! Happy Easter. X

He really made me laugh, Fiona. Happy Easter to you too.

Great fun, Fiona! Thanks and wishing you a Happy Easter!

Fiona you are brilliant! Just love him, afraid he has some mates here! Having a "good" Good Friday, very lazy and non productive. Hope you are having a good Easter doing whatever makes you happy.

Good fun idea ! Fiona.

Love him Fiona...

So good and so funny - I have heaps of these at home

Made me laugh, Fiona, a good start for Easter hols. Have a lovely weekend x

Love this Sylvia, thanks for the giggles

To be strictly accurate about this Fiona - and we really should be, academic rigour is important - I believe this to be " MacDustus Easterous Bunnius", found only north of the border. We have something similar but they are still hibernating. Happy Easter!

Poor old clumsy Dustus. Never put all your eggs in one basket! You really are an amusing bunny.

Wow - that is such fun!

ha ha very good , he cheered me up this morning ! Happy Easter

Brightened up my day. Thank you for posting this Fiona.

Lol....thank you all for joining in and glad it made you smile.....keep working on that smile, it’s the best therapy ever....and it’s free! I have to say though, I thought you were an intelligent lot but you’re just as daft as I am. 😂😉 Marjorie, yes you are right! I do have a few of the Sassenach variety, they snuck here with visitors from south of the border. Happy Easter! 🐣

This made me smile, Fiona. I love the expression on her/his face. Have a lovely Easter.

Great idea, love the Mask ! Have a good weekend Fiona.

What a funny bunny 😂 happy Easter Fiona!

Ellen, Richard and Carole thank you, have a great weekend.

Made me laugh Fiona! Hope you have a good Easter xx

Thanks Diane, you too x

Love it, lovely/lively day with the grandchildren, so just seen it. Happy Easter

Thank you David, sounds like you had a super day, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

And I bet no animals were hurt here Fiona let's see the last of them and more of the bunnies but I'm not holding my breath. Lovely

FAB FAB FAB Fiona, love it. We have indulged in the scoffing of a Easter baa baa and a rather large chick, Weight watchers here i come.

Thank you Dennis and Charles for your comments!

Fabulous! Chocolate is calling I am afraid. There will never be dust on chocolate in this house!

Think we have a few of these too! Lovely fun sketch! Happy Easter.

Thank you Gudrun and Margaret.....same in this house, chocolate doesn’t sit around long enough to gather dust!

Your imagination knows no bounds Fiona. Not too sure about meeting this one in a dark corner but maybe he/she? is a friendly spirit.

Lol....thanks very much Frank. You’re okay, as long as you don’t have chocolate!

Hang on Studio Wall

I’ve dusted off that very rare creature who lurks in all those dark forgotten places.....you know where they are.....a fleeting glimpse in the corner of your eye, a movement of air around you.....you know what I’m talking about don’t you? I’ve noticed this year there are one or two modifications, the obvious one is the face mask but I’ve also noticed that they are not gathering in groups, especially in their sacred habitat, under the fridge. Keep your eyes peeled folks!

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