Dried Flowerhead's


Your shadows look so natural Fiona.

This is so well done, Fiona. Great subject and perfectly executed.

This is lovely - love your colours and intrigued about the sugar paper!

Lovely work Fiona.

I’m not a painter of flowers and don’t intend to start any time soon! But I do like this loose style of painting, particularly on the bowl...

Pretty and delicate with lovely shadows.

Richard, Mia, Sarah, Marjorie, Lewis, Sarah, Alan, Anne ....thank you for your generous comments, they are always appreciated.

Thanks for the info on the paper! In one of my many books there is something about Degas painting oils on unprimed canvas and the paint sinks in giving a chalky kind of look - am guessing this might be similar. I like it! Next time I am channelling Degas (which doesn't happen often admittedly but see how long the lockdown lasts) I might give it a go!! Thanks again.

Really lovely Fiona.

Lovely interpretation Fiona.

Love this painting and thanks again.

This is lovely Fiona, sugar paper sounds interesting.

Beautifully done Fiona. The flowerheads have some very subtle variations in colour. Clever stuff!

Love the way you have painted that delicate background and how it seems to emphasise the fragility of the blooms. Lovely arrangement Fiona.

No problem Sarah. Denise, Sandra, Katy, Michael, Carole appreciate you taking the time to comment, thank you. Katy, if you’re interested in the paper I’ve explained it’s foibles to Sarah C on her posting of sand dunes. Any questions let me know.

Fiona, I love the way you’ve painted this, leaving the edges bare. Beautifully done.

Thank you very much Ellen!

Love the colours and it is so pretty!

Beautifully loose use of colour and brushwork Fiona.

Many thanks Diane and Shaun.

Simple and delightful Fiona.

Eye catching and fresh. Lovely Fiona.

Thank you both very much.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” oil on sugar paper. A loose interpretation of a bowl of dried Hydrangea Flowerhead’s.

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Galloway, Scotland.

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