Countryfile 2

Countryfile 2

This is stunning, Fiona. I am sure Alan will be pleased with the result. Everything: the trees, the grasses, the reflections, ... is very, very well painted and your colour mixes are fabulous!

I was just about to edit the write up Mia, as my husband said the picture doesn't look finished. Too much empty space in the bottom righthand corner. Think he may be right.......drat!!! Thank you for your comment Mia, much appreciated.

I agree with Mia. This is really great, Fiona. I find Alan's and Robert's exchange of comments re colour mixing strangely motivating, as well as eye-opening. The bottom right hand space you refer to is reserved for your signature and date.

I have been trying to post a new pic but the server keeps failing. PoL says they will fix it.

Lovely watercolour, lovely and fresh well done Fiona.

For me this is more than good -- You are getting like your mate Ann --- empty spaces -- they exist - forget about em they are there ---- unless you paint like I do don,t fill the painting

As an after thought --carry on painting in this mans style. -- its what your best at

Thank you so much Lionel, Charles, Michael your comments are always most welcome. Lionel I have also found Alan and Roberts comments regarding colour mixing very informative and helpful.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Fiona - about that bottom right hand corner: I think you could bring those reflections down a lot more, which would probably achieve the result you're after. On the whole, though, don't worry about empty spaces - you don't have to "finish" every painting; the old man is probably right though in this case.... I would just draw/wash the reflections down a bit. Touched to read that I've been of some help on the colour-mixing front; not surprised that Alan was - it's practice as does it, though: just keeping on keeping on, and finding out as much as you can about the way colours work together: not easy, that bit; there's a lot of advice out there, but you have to dig to find it.

A beautifully calm painting Fiona! Lovely colour mixes!

I like the cool blue feel to this. As Satu says, it has a calming feel, just what I need after a weekend of relatives visiting!

Thank you Fiona ,,It gives me so much pleasure that you are useing my ideas I know Robert flatters me a lot .but I dont consider myself any better than other artists on here , everyone of you are wonderfull .and to be honest ,I am not in the best of health to be considering anything other than sitting here at home painting for pleasure .nothing more.I had a lovely call from one of my class yesterday .inviting me to his home for lunch,.alas I cant go .but he promised to pick me up when I feel better ,and take me to a group with him(I am an honory member )now that.. money cant buy .can it Fiona. ,

(I don't flatter Alan at all; he deserves it - but will never acknowledge that, and that's what makes him special. But whisper this, because it makes Alan uncomfortable!)

Many thanks Lesley. Robert, I read practically everything you write, as I do Alan. You both have so much knowledge, along with others who use this site, and I for one, listen to the advise you all give. I may not always follow through with the advise (especially if I don't think the painting is any good) but mostly I do. Thank you for your comment Robert.

Thank you very much Satu, Gudrun, hope you've fully recovered from your hectic weekend!

Alan, I've learned so much from your paintings and your information, I enjoy your exercises...the easy ones anyway! I'm sorry you are not well enough yet to leave the house, hopefully you will soon be able to accept your friends invite to lunch and a group visit. In the mean time all your fans on POL can enjoy your postings!! Thank you for your lovely comment Alan, all my very best wishes x

Lovely scene , Fiona. Well done!

Another beautiful watercolour, I agree with all the above comments

Sarah, Glennis thank you both very much.

Excellent stuff Fiona. I shouldn't get too worried about that corner, although it does have a tendency to draw the eye, allowing the viewer to fall out the pic. Robert has it right, bring some shadow down there, it only needs a touch. Thanks fo visiting my pic of the old railway site, now nature reserve. The painting is from the Wisbech side of the 20 Foot, the road, river, and signalling box is behind the viewer on the hump in the road. Across the road is the bridge over the river and on to prison land. It is quite absurd, the National Cycle Route runs through the prison land, which has a notice listing the prohibitions for the area, one of them is that it is an offence to bring bicycles on to prison land.

Wonderfully painted water and you trees are dramatic and interesting. Thanks for all the info about your colour mixing and choices - very useful - I have been taking notes.

Thank you Mick, Thea for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

Sorry for the delay in commenting Fiona - been away for a couple of weeks. As others have said, this is very attractive and nice and loose. Re. the space at the bottom right, have you tried covering up the bottom inch or so of the image? That would be the result if you cropped off the bottom of the picture. I sometimes move a couple of mounts over the image to see if that gives a better composition.

You're a genius Stephen, it works! I'll get my scissors out, thank you for the tip and the comment.

Absolutely gorgeous, Fiona! Love the misty atmosphere and the reflection.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour based on another still from a countryfile report. I really wanted to experiment with some of Alan Owen's suggested colour mixes. (hope you don't mind Alan) I've used a pale wash of U. marine & Vandyke brown for the sky and water, a stronger mix of the same for the distant hills. The greens are a variation of Windsor blue (green shade) and B. sienna. The light areas are R. sienna (dark) Finally the darks are a mix of Vandyke brown and Payne grey....with a bit of U. marine chucked in for good measure. Alan, the V. brown and Paynes grey is a brilliant dark mix for tree branches etc. Won't be going back to B. umber & U. marine. All Old Holland watercolours on Arches 12"x9".

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