Very loose sketch!

Very loose sketch!

In my experience with art, 'rough and loose' is often better than 'neat'. I think the sketch works well.

Very nice Fiona, you got nice work in your portfolio.

Stephen is so right - really spontaneous - great sketch Fiona

But this is how I like 'em.... the world isn't neat, the countryside is rough, rugged, muddy, untidy, asymmetrical, and quite a lot of it stings, scratches, bogs you down, and ruins your shoes.... I like paintings which reflect that.

Must agree with the above Fiona - great sketch. Look forward to seeing the oil version!

Many thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I've started the oil, I don't think I'm going to like it as much as this sketch.

Lovely sketch Fiona with fabulous light and shade. I too, look forward to seeing the oil version.

Lovely sketch Fiona with fabulous light and shade. I too, look forward to seeing the oil version.

This has lovely atmosphere and spontaneity, Fiona! I look forward to your oil!

This is great, Fiona. That just-off-centre large tree is a wonderfully bold statement. Don't get too carried away with the flat "lead in" brush strokes. Love it !

Thank you very much Jane, Seok and Lionel for your encouragement.

I like it Fiona, certainly not messy!

Thanks Carole, appreciate your encouragement.

Many congrtulations Fiona, top ten x 2 this months!! both are great watercolours :)

Congrats - two in top 10 - so well deserved Fiona

When I saw the thumbnail Fiona, I thought 'Wesson!' I think you caught immediacy here, and it's come off quite well. Don't worry about neatness. I think if you capture this looseness in your oil-painting you will be happily surprised at the result. Just keep working 'sloppy'! :) Thank you so much for the kind remarks on my own work. It's appreciated. Regards, John

John thank you so much for your very kind remarks, it means a great deal coming from an artist as yourself. Thank you Petra and Michael for your congratulations........there must be some kind of mistake!

Hang on Studio Wall

Very messy pen & wash sketch! I'm doing an oil based on a 'Wesson' painting that I like, and this is a rough idea of how I would like it to turn out........much neater than this though, hopefully!!

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