'Countryfile' sketch

'Countryfile' sketch

I like this almost more than the painting you've based on it - the grain of the paper helps to give it extra zing, too.

I think I prefer this one too Robert, I like the 'messy' look. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Just been looking through your painting and think they are all lovely. Do you use a particular sketch book.

Posted by Ann Hunt on Sat 02 Jun 18:45:32

Hi Ann, yes I do use a particular sketch book. The paper is fantastic, it's hand made and will take anything you care to throw at it. I use ink, watercolour....with lots of water. It will also take oils and acrylics. Very versatile. I've even screwed a piece up into a ball then flatened it out again, no creases. It's almost like linen. The whole thing is bound in leather and very reasonably priced. The one I use is 9"x6" and about 2" thick. If I remember right it cost me £21.00-ish including postage. I purchased it from ebay from 'The diary shop'. They have a vast selection of covers and sizes with this paper or cartridge paper. If you ask for a sample of papers they will send you some free of charge. If you have any problems let me know and I will send you the link. Thanks also for leaving a comment.

Thank you Fiona, I thought it looked a nice paper that took the watercolour well. I have found the site and requested a sample of the paper and costs, I look forward to it arriving. ( trouble with this hobby there is always something new and interesting to spend money on! )

Posted by Ann Hunt on Sun 03 Jun 20:07:20

Wow, Fiona! Love the immediacy of this piece. It's super!

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Pen & wash sketch for the the previous picture.

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