Old Ford


More fine sketching, Dixie. This one makes me what to make a trip to Beaulieu.

Correction...'want' to go to Beaulieu.

Thanks look, I do remember a couple box similar looking car around when I was a kid. I haven’t been to the National Car Museum for a long time, I tend to remember most of the exhibits these days.

Sorry typo Should read Lew not look.

This reminds me of our first family car when I was fifteen, it was a Ford Prefect, my dad never drove but my sister did and she ferried us round all over, remember going out one night and it was thick fog, the windscreen window used to open and I was guiding her for the edge of the pavement, hardly any traffic on the roads them days, I'm talking 1950s😀

Pleased it brought back some memories Linda, it’s surprising how often a painting or sketch leads you off into the past. Maybe that’s why I like painting and sketching old vehicles, boats etc.

When I saw this I thought only a man can draw cars.... according to a discussion with a fellow painting student yesterday.... Brilliant drawing!

As a man I take that as a complement, but several female artists I know can paint or draw them better than most me.

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A4 pencil sketch. Lovely old Ford

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