Oh not another sunset zx@&£ hell


Lol…..I love your group of trees Paul , they look so natural and sit in the landscape well.

Thank you Spencer and Fiona for you comments. I forgot to mention that it a snow scene hence all the white foreground.

Lovely work Paul.

Language Mr Dean! Oh well I can take any number of nice sunsets, and this is lovely.

Superb painting

Thank you Andrew, Tessa and Anne for you kind comments. I didn’t sweat Tessa it’s your interpretation I’m dyslexic so if that’s a swear word oops ( psst what does it mean).

Lovely though 😍

Thank Faye and Valerie for you kind comments.

Lovely sunset Paul and beautifully painted trees.

Soft and gentle sunset, lovely to look at just before I’m off to bed😌

I like this very much.

Christine, Marjorie and Lew thank you for you kind comments.

Lovely work

Love your silver birches Paul and their lovely reflections. I find it difficult painting on such dark, dismal, days.

Thank you Carole, I must admit I have to push myself to get started but ok once the paint starts to flow.

Love this Paul, beautiful colours, you can keep the sunsets coming

Thank you Cheryl for taking the time to look and comment it’s really appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A4 watercolour of trees and sunset , I can’t concentrate at the moment twenty minute and in bored or my mind is wondering . I’m just sitting down a doing what come to mind , well at least I’m painting something and painting quite loose is i think good practice . The title came from my eldest daughter when you noticed what I was painting, I cleaned it up a bit you can imagine what words she used if you wish.

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I have sketched most of my life on and off I became interested in watercolour following a spinal injury whilst in hospital but did not follow it up. My eldest daughter bought me a beautiful wooden box set of half pans about twenty five years ago I dabbled on and off until retirement twelve years…

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