Red Kites over West Wycombe hill


Ooh this is lovely. I love Red Kites and it looks an interesting place too. I like your long landscape format as well!

Great sense of space there, nice

Lovely Paul!

Interesting history and beautifully painted Paul.

Super watercolour Dixie

Like this and that canvas shape works really well

Just the right format for this Paul, lovely.

Thank you all for your very kind comments I appreciated them a lot. There is so much history to the hill both historical and natural history. A lot of the smaller tree and shrubs shown green in the painting are juniper which is rare nationally but abundant locally. We even have Glis Glis edible dormouse , only found in a small area they were originally introduced by the Romans as a food source. They are too cute to eat .

Great format, lovely sense of light and space

Like the format Paul, super watercolour.

Many thanks Hillary and Fiona for your kind comments.

A lovely fresh painting, Paul!

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Watercolour of the church and mausoleum on West Wycombe hill, the hill is owned and managed by the NT . I occasionally work there with a team of Volunteers Rangers that I manage . The hill is chalk and is a SSSI chalk grassland, inside the hill infamous Hell Fire caves. The large tree around the church is a mix of different conifers and some old large yews . The church was built with the ring of a Iron Age hillfort . The Red Kites are very common in the Chilterns and all around the area.

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I developed an interest in watercolour painting whilst recovering from a spinal injury . Started painting whilst laid flat on my back using a mirror, did it stop the OT pestering me, but it backfired. When I sat up had to start all over again as I was use to painting through a mirror. Stop painting…

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