Autumn hedgerow


The leaves are realistic and a great autumnal palette.. lovely work!

Summarises Autumn perfectly, love the colours and varying mark making.

Paul you have saved your painting with the lovely colour of the autumn leaves, if you have made a mistake with your tree trunk, its given the leaves a good backdrop!!

At least you have redeemed the painting with the beauty of the leaves, berries in those rich, autumnal shades Paul. The trunk would look less dominant if you lifted the colour out of the side where the light is and dappled in a few warmer tones.

I like this Paul, the wax resist gives the trunk a slightly abstract look which offsets the leaves well.

Beautiful autumn colours Paul.

I love the autumn colours and the leaf details

A very autumnal painting Paul.

Beautiful subject and great autumnal colours, Paul.

Thank you all for your very kind comments and suggestions, they are always appreciated. This is one of those paintings that you now put aside, having fiddled with it enough and learnt from painting it. I’d do it again but different if that make any sense.

An excellent piece of work Paul, well observed and painted.

A wonderful autumnal scene Paul, looks like the hedgerows everywhere at the moment.

I agree the leaves are very good. I'd be tempt d to add slight blueish tint to the trunk.

Thank you for your comments Alan, Fiona, Tracy and Ceri, they are much appreciated.

So unusual, this jumped out & caught my eye straight away. I love the originality.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour, did this as a wip, made the mistake of using wax resist on the tree to represent cuts. I have tried to change the tree but not much luck, decided to darken it and accept that I’m not happy with it, good lesson learned.

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