Delivering the Coal


Wow, Paul, a super painting with a story! Love it: the painting and the history lesson!

That’s nice Paul. Love those little puffers. Completely out of the water they look really chunky! Painted very well including rigging and hoist. I imagine journeys in poor weather to the islands could be pretty uncomfortable - possibly less so with a full load of coal as ballast!!

Fascinating piece of history on these remote islands Dixie, and a painting full of interest.

Love this Paul, reminds me our north isles boats delivering all manner of things to our island pier by winching on and off boat back in the day!

Really like this Paul, so much detail with the tractors and carts and I remember Para Handy.

Very informative, Dixie. These old working ships are of great interest. A well made picture, and I love the wide format.

Good painting Paul, and such an interesting history.

Thank you all for your very kind comments. They are very encouraging particularly at the moment as I am going through one of those period, where I’m struggling to do any painting. We have all been there I’m sure and have such nice comments does lift the moral a lot. I wanted to keep it simple and it seems to have worked out well.

I feel for you Paul, I’ve had fallow periods that‘ve lasted months and I know it’s hard to get out of. Great to see another boat painting, loving these!

Lovely portrayal of this scene. The boat and tractors are really well painted and the whole scene works very well - I like the panoramic paper format also.

Thank you Anth and Ceri, for you comments.Hopefully its just a short blip Anth due to the current situation, getting fed up of the restrictions. Ceri landscape format of the paper comes from a pad that I was given a while back, it a glued pad so no need to mount it on the board. I do like them for some landscapes in particular.

Love your narrative to your super painting Paul. I like to hear about the history, or story behind a painting.

Many thanks for your comment Fiona, I like to have a story when doing a painting it often helps to create and develop it, seems to add a bit of life.

Great painting that captures a moment of nostalgia. They were a lifeline for the western isles and plied the Forth & Clyde canal. Keep them coming, Paul.

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Watercolour of a Clyde Puffer delivering coal to the highland and islands. The only link between many of the islands and out of the way coastal villages were these small tough little ships. Delivering Food, coal, fuel etc were how they made living even until the late 1900s. Some were converted to diesel, but were fondly still referred to a puffers. There was a tv service about the puffers the ship used was the Vital Spark, captained by Para Handy.

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