Old horse


I love this horse

Really good - great sense of 'heaviness' in this old cob

Thank you Katy and Heather for you comments they are much appreciated. Good surname Katy, what part of the country are you from?. I was pleased with this as it the first time I have deliberately used soluble pencil to create a sketch like this, dabbled with it on landscape etc.

A fine drawing, Dixie. You've got the power in these animals.

Powerful image, Paul, love this heavy horse, also frequently use soluble pencils...thet seem to work so well with a more 'painterly' feel than ordinary pencil.

Thank you Lew and Thalia for your comments. You are right Thalia they do have a nice feel and create a sort of half way to painting. I find then very different to watercolour pencils, smother to blend some how.

That’s a smashing heavy horse painting Paul!

Many thanks Fiona, Margaret and Dermot for your kind comments.

Awwww , its excellent this .

I love horses as well. So much character in this one.

This is fantastic Paul.

Good job Paul. He looks weary. Thank you for your comment on my Renoir

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A4 medium wash soluble pencil and a little watercolour. From a photo taken last year. I’m experimenting with the soluble pencils, did this as a basic line drawing then added the water to create the shade areas. As a last thought put the colours on.

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