Light at the end of the handle


Terrific contrasts and colour. I always enjoy your paintings Diana, very classy work.

Superb handling of colours and light Diana. You really are a kitchen diva. Do hope your mouth feels better soon and you are able to enjoy your relaxation more.

Not a bad thing at all! Hope your mouth's OK.

Brilliant as ever Diana. You really excel at this sort of work. You make still life move.

Love your picture, and as Carole says, superb handling of colours and light.

This is fantastic, Diana. Stunning execution of the materials. Love it! Hope you feel better soon!

Thank you very much Stephen. That’s lovely to hear. Thank you Carole. Teeth are a design fault I think. Wish we were like sharks! Thank you Heather , I’m a lot better than I was. Thank you Jim. That’s a brilliant expression. Thank you Shirley. I do get through some burnt sienna! Thank you very much Mia. I’m feeling better than I was.

I've just come back from the Dentist - half an hour of drilling! I sympathise. lovely painting - I don't know how you do watercolours so large!

Oh no Linda. I bet you’re glad it’s over too 😳. I actually find it easier to paint ion a larger scale when painting loose. Expensive for framing though.

Lovely high contrast painting, great subject choice

Excellent Diana! Love that splash of orange, goes beautifully with the bluey greys. Hope your pain has eased.

Terrific. This kind of subject really is your forte Diana, you excel at it. To infinity & beyond I'd wager.

Diana, you are so good at this!

Good morning Paul and thank you. I started it a few weeks ago and had planned more precision in the shadows but it’s good to let the paint take the lead sometimes Thank you Fiona. Yes, the sienna and blue/ greys are beautiful together. I’m in lots less pain thank you. Thank you Brian. That’s such a flattering and encouraging thing to read. That’s so generous of you Diane. Thank you very much. Good morning Val-Irene Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your interest.

Stunning painting full of darks and lights. Love it.

Great stuff as usual, Diana - love all the warm colours you seem to be including more lately.

As always Diana, incredibly good work. I love it!

I just knew this was yours before I got to the name. Awesome as usual. Don't know how you do it!

Thank you Christine. I do love mixing these darks. Thank you Jenny. Maybe it’s time to break out of somber palettes 😂 Good morning Jennifer and thanks for having a look at my work. Good to hear from you. Hello Audrey. That’s really nice of you to say so and very much valued at the moment.

That's fantastic, Diana.

Thank you very much Cesare and Andrew. I really appreciate your interest and value your feedback

Hang on Studio Wall

Feeling fragile today after traumatic tooth extraction so completed this in a much looser style than intended but not necessarily a bad thing. Half Imperial sized watercolour on Saunders Waterford paper

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Jut before retiring from teaching , I returned to painting after a 40 year gap. I did O level then half an A level in art ,followed by a bit of oil painting ,printing and ceramics as part of a primary teaching course but haven't touched it since. I was bought a sketch book and pencils while on…

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