One of two sisters commission.

One of two sisters commission.

OMG Diana! This is beautiful Diana.. I aspire to do something like this some day..hopefully it is soon! Thanks for inspiring me!

Fabulous portrait

Posted by T H on Sun 11 Feb 16:31:54

Wow! Amazing work Diana!

Posted on Sun 11 Feb 16:41:20

Wonderful portrait of a child. Nothing is labored, it's just so right.

Top notch again Diana so very beautiful

Wonderful painting Diana, gorgeous flesh tones delicately portrayed.

Lovely work Diana. Total unposed fun from a lovely child.

Beautiful portrait, Diana, sensitively done.

A really lovely watercolour Diana.

Fresh, filled with joy and so very beautifully painted, Diana!

First class Diana, looks effortless but I know it wouldn't have been! Agree with you about commissions.

Beautiful Diana.

Absolutely beautiful Diana. A pity you find commissions so stressful when you do them so brilliantly.

Beautiful work of art

This is an amazing portrait, Diana. You are so skilfull that there is no subject impossible for you and you manage all subjects masterfully. She is so expressive and natural!

Lovely, I'm sure they will be very pleased with this :-)

Nothing but a delight Diana, so natural and relaxed.

This is amazing. What a gorgeous smile. Your watercolour skills are superb.

its a beauty Diana but I know the felling about the pressure , I often used to get asked but always refused . I prefer freedom to do anything and no pressure , but it is lovely Diana

Wonderful Diana

As others have already said, this is excellent Diana. I was interested by your comment regarding Not paper, as I would have thought it ideal, and you have used dryish paint on the tooth of the paper to describe the little girl's clothing. Do you usually use hot pressed paper for work such as this? I think the Not has allowed you to be expressive as in the hair and top, but has also allowed you to achieve subtlety merging skin tones on the face. Excellent work.

Well it certainly worked out brilliantly Diana! Beautiful painting.

Thank you everyone who has taken time to leave these very welcome comments. I needed them as am having to make several changes to the portrait or even start again for the third time. If a feature isn’t spot on in a portrait, in this case ,the mouth,the whole face is thrown out of proportion. Philip, I always use SW rough paper and am so used to the way it handles. That this paper seemed slippery in comparison. I agree with you about blending but it works so differently. . I’ll try it again though for a detailed painting.

Well Diana, this is a triumph indeed, beautifully captured.

What a brilliant painting Diana, the little girl looks so natural! I don't think I would like to do a commission, my nerves wouldn't be able to stand it😀

Such a charming watercolour Diana and so well clever lady :)

Thank you Alan , Louise, Gudrun and Margaret. I am on try three now!!! Never again!!! I haven’t the skills for commission portraits

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Half imperial on SW NOT paper. I haven’t used NOT surface before and it was like learning an entirety new skill. Not a good idea for something important. This will be the last commissions I will do for anyone other than friends and family. The responsibility is far too stressful. Like being ofsted observed!

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