Herdwick Blues re visited. Image by Ian Lawson

Herdwick Blues re visited. Image by Ian Lawson

Yes...nicely done Diana....so clever!

Yes Diana, I do agree with your decision. A much better composition all round.

The two foreground sheep work very well. Lovely painting.

Totally agree Diana, I find it’s always a good thing to give yourself a bit of time to reflect. Have you thought what that little black ram in the advert for a well known German car manufacturer leading the flock would look like? Only joking yours looks great.

It's great now. They look like they want food, now!!

I agree the two leaders definitely give that extra dimension Diana.

Yes, a definite improvement Diana, the two extra sheep add a nice depth to the painting.

Great subject, love the composition.

Yes, improved with the addition of the two in the front and it looks marvellous as always Diana.

Good decision Diana, excellent. Saw a small flock of these whilst out today, they were enjoying the sunshine.

It works beautifully Diana

Very well done. Your Herdies are excellent especially against that background,

This reminds me of Sunday night's Countryfile programme. A scientist had taken a photograph not unlike your painting, and could tell which sheep were ill/in pain by the position of their ears and the shape of their mouth. Yours are all in rude health!

Thank you Sylvia and Im glad that you think so Alan. I’m full of self doubt. Thank you Tony, it’s a brave and risky move to risk ruining a £10 piece of paper. I like the idea Barry. Thank you. Thank you Gudrun, I think they always have food on their minds! Thank you Carole.Im glad that you think so. Thank you Jenny. You have a lovely way with painting sheep too. Thank you Chris, that’s reassuring. Thank you Margaret, it was a risky move. Fiona, thanks. There is nothing more uplifting than being out in the countryside. It really does lift your spirits.

Thank you David, I’m so released that it’s not ruined. Thank you Richard. This breed amuse me. They are hardy animals though look pretty gormless. I saw that Philip. Fascinating and didn’t think to check the health of this lot.

Hang on Studio Wall

This has been sitting on my easel for a while and much as I liked the colours, I felt there’s was a bit of flatness in the overall look and composition. I added the two foreground sheep and linked them to the others with the shadows. I think it’s more interesting

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