Bit of scribble today

Bit of scribble today

A lovely painting, Diana, it doesn't look roughly finished at all! I love your sheep - great colours and textures, I especially like the two on the left.

Scribble???? I wish I could scribble like this Diana and I'm a huge fan of rough and ready endings.....I do them all the time!lol

Great work and beautifully drawn Diana

Beautiful one and its a tricky subject... you have managed very well..

Nice one Diana, would love to have seen your water drips on glass in front of it......cheers.

They look really brilliant Diana, very impressed.

lovely work Diana some lovely little washes on this one its a beaut

lovely scribble Diana love it

Great work Diana.

Thank you Jenny and Fiona. I lost the plot towards the bottom of the painting so ended up throwing lots of water and colour amongst the sheep's legs! Thank you everyone who took the time to comment on this painting . I value every one. Peter , there's an idea ...sheep in the rain.. I have enjoyed the 'scribble as a break from more controlled and detailed work.. Diana

Love this very much Diana, fantastic.

I wish I could scribble like you, Diana.. this is fabulous!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. 1/4 imp Saunders rough 200lb. The sheep heads started off well but bit by bit I lost it so scribbled a rough ending. They look like they have green fungus. I'm ok with middle one.

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