It always rains when I go to Hull Fair

It always rains when I go to Hull Fair

Lovely. Another memory from childhood and youth.

p.s...The water only enhances it and gives it character Diana, because it rained many time but we still had fun....

Its come out quite good. The focus on the central horse is great. Altogether an atmospheric image with movement. Success I would say.

I think it works perfectly Diana as contrast very well painted

It looks super Diana, how I used to love the 'big horses' as we called them.

Thank you for the kind words. I'm disappointed that it didn't go to plan but in all honesty, I didn't plan and really need to on something so ambitious

Diana, I think it's spectacular! The main focus on the middle horse and the rest out of focus gives me the impression of the movement of the ride. We've probably all been to a fairground in the rain and it certainly brings back the memories of my experiences.....I really like it.

Very accurate. Brill.

Another wonderful painting and beautiful subject, Diana, and you always wins not easy challenges.

Amazing Diana, love the fading out you created with water spray! :))

Atmospheric ,nostalgic and beautifully painted.

So the only negative comment is by...Diana. Funny folk,artists.....( should have said nothing Diana, it's a great work) (-:

Thank you to all of you. Maybe I was a bit hard on myself. You know how it is when you have an image of the finished piece in your mind !

Don't beat yourself up - it is just fine. You never see more than one part of a carousel at a time and it always rains in Hull!

Well, if this is what a petulant strop can produce, I might try having one myself! It's absolutely brilliant! The colours, the semi-abstract look, almost a fantasy creation, is really magical and original. Super!

Well I think it's magical Diana. The out of focus is just in the right place, as is the detail.

There's a lot to like Diana, but I know how you feel

Diana, I think it works well - the clearly defined central horse with the softer surroundings give it a nice feeling of atmosphere and movement (and on full sized imperial - a sheet that size would scare me!)

A lovely piece, Diana. Love how you captured the light and movement of the carousel.

This has an ethereal quality to it Diana, I think it's wonderful.

Thank you to all that took time to comment on this one. You gave me the confidence to return and rescue it. Much appreciated

Hang on Studio Wall

Full imperial NOT 140lbs. Saunders Waterford. This was going really well but ended up getting frustrated and spraying water all over it in a petulant strop ! There are aspects of it that I still like but overall it's a duff.

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