Most of it in the saucer

Most of it in the saucer

Pass the biscuits please. Super as usual Diana.

Great litlle S.L. Diana, hope you managed to have another cuppa.

Oh dear!!! Never mind...boil the kettle again! Fabulous painting I can taste that coffee...mine's black and very strong please...sounds a great interesting art group!

Quite superb in all aspects Diana.

This is a great watercolour, Diana. Love the limited colour palette.

Lovely I like the dried coffee foam top of cup, very well done Diana.

Skilfully done and loose too, lovely.

Nice work Diana. I'm a tea man myself, but I can smell the coffee. Smells excellent..(-:

Amazing work as usual for you, Diana.

That looks like a very tasty cup of coffee and it just made me make a cup! I recognised this as yours Diana straight away. I love the coffee coloured background too.

Posted on Wed 14 Mar 14:51:53

Great foam on the top of the cup Diana.

Super watercolour Diana :)

Great watercolour - how on earth do you get it to do what you want?! I was always at a loss with it. Very clever.

Fantastic painting. I'm going to make myself a coffee.

Well executed depicts the coffee cup beautifully.

Just wonderful Diana!

Great title, Diana! Did you swill your brush in it?? I usually do! Love it, as always.

Youve got it Diana another display of excellence

John. Thanks. To be honest, the coffee was horrible. Hello Marjorie. I was in the cafe waiting for a painting to be framed in the shop next door. Thalia, thank you. My art group afternoon is the highlight of my week. I love going . Gudrun, thanks. What are your favourite biscuits? Unfortunately,I should leave well alone as am too fat! Hello Nandhini and thanks for your loyal feedback Alan you are so generous in your comments. I love seeing your work too Hello Mia and thank you. I think it was the colour which prompted me to take the photograph Thank you Carole. I agree, that trail of foam really enhanced the subject. Hello Willie and thank you. My tutor encourages loose and bold approach. We only get about 90 minutes to complete a painting which is good observational practice. Hello Jim. I prefer tea too and that’s probably why I didn’t drink this !

Thank you Cesare . Having to work so quickly at the class really helps us to pick out the tonal structure of a subject. Thank you Ibolya. I think the background might have been rather lazy but the cup was sitting on a wooden table. Hello Carole and thank you. I agree that the foam adds interest. Hello Louise and thank you for taking time to leave your welcome message. Georgina, thank you. I think it’s a bit like driving a car . So many skills to combine I practice for several hours most days and gradually all the skills become a bit more predictable. Not so much using wet in wet but that’s why I love it. It’s a bit rebellious. Thank you Seth. Hope you 3njoyed your coffe and didn’t spill half of it. Thank your Lesley. As usual, I can see an area which I think isn’t working but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t! Thank you Fiona. The class is the highlight of my week. Hello Jennifer. Thank you. The times I do that!! Hello Dennis and thanks again.

Hello again Dennis. Thank you and Ido feel a bit more in control of the painting that I can sometimes get the outcome I had predicted.

Diana your wonderful little painting shows that we don’t have to look far in our daily lives for a good subject and also the advantage of a time limit to concentrate the mind! I’m glad you enjoy your weekly class so much, I’m off to mine later this morning. There’s a lot to be said for sharing the painting experience in this way. Keep up the good work: you are one to watch!

Great work Diana, as always!

Smashing work Diana

Thank you very much Russell, Derek and Margaret. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment

Wonderful strong washes!

Thank you Teresa. I am such a fan of your work.

Hang on Studio Wall

Exercise we did at art group yesterday. You may well see another version as John Elliot also attends the same group. We have about 90 minutes to complete a painting though a bit longer yesterday as the Tutor was absent Quarter sheet watercolour on Bockingford heavy,rough paper

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