February sun in Gloucester Cathedral

February sun in Gloucester Cathedral

That's utterly brilliant Diana. A total capture of light bright sunshine) , shade and colour. I doff my cap once again at your skill.

Yes....beautifully done once again Diana ....

What an absolutely stunning piece of work...if I 'ad an 'at I'd dof it like Jim!!! Gorgeous!

Have to agree with comments below, ...Brilliant

Wonderful Diana.

Fabulous architectural painting. You've given it enough without getting tied up in too much detail. Super.

Thank you Jim . I don’t think Izvestia ever had a cap doffed before! Thank you Sylvia and Thalia . I didn’t think it would work as a photograph. Thank you Andre and Linda. I would love to visit the Cathedral after seeing photos of it.

Thank you Willie, that’s exactly what I was aiming for.

Love the suggestion of stained glass windows and of course the light and texture on the floor..! Great work Diana!


Thank you Nandhini, Seth and Margaret. The colours and textures on the floor alone are wonderful in the reference photo

Fantastic painting, the depth that's created by the arches is brilliant

Great work again.

Posted by T H on Thu 08 Mar 18:01:28

I love the way the light is falling through those stained glass windows.

A challenging subject, beautifully painted Diana.

This is so lovely Diana. It’s got it all .

Thank you Linda The depth and light is what attracted me to this image Thank you Timothy and Janet. That bit of colour in the glass really brings it to life Thank you Georgina , I really enjoy seeing your work Fiona, thank you. Architecture is something I usually avoid but I could get away with being impressionistic.

Masterful painting.

Superb, Diana. I could walk straight down there.

Light always inspires me to paint, this is a superb study Diana.

David H. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback Thank you Shirley , Gudrun and Alan . I’m really pleased that you like this one. I loved the light too but didn’t want to put in too much detail

New wonderful subject skilful painted, Diana.

Really super painting, wonderful light.

This is beautiful. Your perspective and colour sense are spot on Diana.

Thats lovely, I've walked down that passage myself, you really have captured the light and airy feel of the place.

Thanks Cesare. It’s not a subject I would expect to be drawn to but when the light is so dramatic, I’ll have a try. Thank you Maureen, the light is so impressive in the photo. Thank you Carole, I was lucky with this one as it’s my favourite palette. If anything, I could have gone a bit darker in places as is my usual downfall. Thank you Justin. I was pretty impressed when I was sent the photo that my sister took.

You've captured the light beautifully, Diana.

A stunning painting of a beautiful old building Diana: wonderful perspective.

Hang on Studio Wall

Reference photo by my sister Frances Keane Half imperial Saunders Waterford rough , heavy paper.loved the light coming through from the left.

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