Limited palette demo - moorland farm

Limited palette demo - moorland farm

It's nice work David and well painted well done mate

Brilliant work David. Two good paintings

Good quick and loose painting.

Thank you all, glad you like it. I used Daniel Smith's variants on raw & burnt sienna (Transparent Yellow & Red Oxides) for the foreground. I think the granulation and textures they create in wet washes really suit moorland scenes.

Now you've done it, I'm going to have to buy those paints and I'd promised to be good till February.☺

Two good ones David. Like the "red" on the door and chimney.

Thank you both. Heather, spending money on paint can never be bad! And Richard, the door was the very last paint stroke, made by audience vote. As most of the painting consists of secondary & tertiary mixes of the three colours, I asked them what colour they wanted the door, from the tube, red, blue or yellow, and red (burnt sienna) won.

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I was asked to do a demonstration to a local art group, of techniques from my book "A Painter's Dozen", and chose to show what could be done with a 3 colour palette, wet-in-wet, painting quickly. Using raw sienna, burnt sienna and French ultramarine, I did two quick paintings in just over 45 minutes. This remote moorland farm is the first. Definitely not an exhibition picture, just a demo of fresh watercolour technique.

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