The Calling

The Calling

Superbly painted. Love everything about it.

Beautifully captured Catherine. Good topic and great painting.

Excellent painting Catherine

I love this too. Great subject matter with a narrative quality. What story is being told? Sensitive use of the medium with lovely impression of light and beautiful pallet. Have you used watercolour ground for the background? Good work.

Tx for your comments. My model is a local woman who was also a carer who explained during the sitting her love for this conflicted roll. Yes, watercolour ground was used.

Excellent painting and a great tribute to the careers of our world.

Ps obviously that was meant to be carers!

Captured the subject so well, Catherine. Beautifully painted.

Careers could also fit in this context Tessa! ;)

A powerful message, beautifully expressed and painted, Catherine.

Superb painting, Catherine.

Superb in every respect. 👍👍👍

Thank you all very much for your kind comments.

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I am a painter specialising in light-filled watercolours. I am particularly drawn to larger-than-life sized head and shoulder portraits where there is space for watercolours to flow and “sing”. I am recently experimenting with new surfaces that allow my watercolours to hang unglazed - what I call…

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