Grapes in oil Pastels


I think you have done a fabulous with the pastels. Lovely painting 🖼 and love the background

Such a beautiful intense hit of rich colour Carole. If this is rough and ready, I’ll be sure to hold on to my seat when you’ve had a practice! Lol

Well done Carole. I find oil pastels difficult!

Love it Carole, such rich deep colours.

Thank you so much Faye, Fiona, Christine and Denise. Love the vibrancy of this medium but think it works better when it’s warm and it has been quite cold in my garage, where I paint. Will try using them in a warmer room as they are difficult to spread when cold.

What a beautiful painting! I love the way you have phased the light over a truly wonderful piece of work!!

A lovely minimalist rendering of this pastel; brilliant; keeps drawing the viewer in! much love and God bless, 😃❤️🙏xx

I don’t find them particularly easy to use Carole, but you’ve made a superb job of getting to grips with them. Strong and positive drawing with great tonal values!

Very nice Carole, like this one very much. Love the colours.

You are getting wonderful effects and rich colour with the oil pastels Carole,

Really appreciate your positive comments David, Andrew, Alan, David and Anne. They really make a difference and are so motivational.

Vibrant and bold Carole a lovely still life indeed.

Never rough and ready, it hits you in the eye with the lovely colour. Today I had a very frustrating day with them, but I will persevere!

Well done, Carole. I was given some oil pastels, and couldn't get on with them at all. This is excellent, and I look forward to your future work in this medium.

Such a lovely,beautiful painting Carole! Nice outcomes with oil pastels!!

A super piece, Carole! Love the wonderful textures and impasto effect.

I love the loose marks in this, Carole, good composition, too

This is SO good Carole. I really like the depth of reds and the light on the lhs

This is gorgeous Carole, lovely rich colours. I don’t know about rough and ready but I think oil pastels suit this style of painting perfectly.

Very many thanks to Chris, Lewis, Manoj, Seok, Thalia and Heather for your lovely comments and encouragement, much appreciated.

Thank you Marjorie. Hope you resolved your issues and feel less frustrated. I discovered that temperature definitely makes a difference when handling oil pastels so paint where it’s warm. Thank you Katy. I loved your seascape and hope to attempt something similar soon. Thanks for your kind words and alive from the forum.

Wow, absolutely gorgeous, love the background effects and vibrant colours.

This is beautiful Carole !!

Yummy! Love the richness of this.

Great composition and beautiful rich colours, Carole - love the background textures you’ve achieved with the pastels.

Thank you so much for your positive, generous comments Romila, Audrey, Rachel and Jenny.

Really, really super painting Carole

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I was inspired by Marjorie Firth’s lovely oil pastel of cherries. Have never attempted this medium before and dug out my old box of Sennelier pastels. I have only used them for highlights on oil paintings. It was a very pleasant experience although I realise I need a lot of practice and this painting is a bit rough and ready. Used pastel paper 14” x 12”.

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