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I can't comment on the likeness, but this is a bright fresh portrait. Excellent work.

Great portrait Carole and I love the colours you have used.

I don't agree with your family,you've done a great job,a lot of work on the hair.

Beautiful, love the glow in your eyes.

Beautifully done, Carole especially your eyes and hair and your friendly expression - lovely!

Who cares about wrinkles? Love this Carole especially your eyes, hair and the expression you look as if something had tickled your sense of humour

I don’t know what your family see Carole……I see intelligence, compassion, humour and perhaps a touch of mischief. Also a pretty good self portrait! I do love the way you have painted your hair.

I am impressed Carole your hair has been wonderfully painted. And anybody who does a self portrait has my admiration.

Well I’m overwhelmed by your generous comments as I very nearly didn’t post this. So appreciate your kind comments Lewis, Denise, Anne, Romila, Carolyn, Chris and Fiona for seeing something in this. I found it much harder to paint myself than to paint other people. I think probably because we don’t see ourselves as we truly are.

Lovely portrait - like the glow and the expression, Carole

Families are great, aren' t they!!! Take no notice. Great hair, lovely expression. I'm thinking it's pastel?

A cracking portrait Carole, lots of character and the hair is especially good. Families!

Well, I think it's marvelous, Carole. The hair is particularly good, but so is the portrait overall. I can't comment about the accuracy but I do know that I can't draw or paint myself, and I have tried. Great effort. Bri

Many thanks Maureen, Katy, Brian and Natalja for your encouraging comments and for taking the time to look. Yes Marjorie it’s in pastel and your right about families, they can be cruelly critical and shake your confidence. Thank you so much for your motivational remarks.

What a great self portrait Carole. Love the expression you’ve captured - great skin tones and super hair! A lovely lady who gives us such lovely comments.

Self portraits are hard! You've done a really good job with your skin tones and I think you look very kind.

How lovely of you to say such kind words Christine. Your comments mean so much to me. Thank you Sarah for such thoughtful comments.

It's such a sunny portrait, it radiates warmth.

I like your portrait Carole and I agree with the others that you have done a great job on the hair. Reactions from families are never a good indication of how good a piece is I believe as my family often tends to lay the praise on rather too thickly to boost my confidence and I react to that by doing my own demolition job on my abilities which is just as bad!

Very good indeed. The colours are great. You've captured a wonderful expression of self study and those colours work very well indeed

Superb - a great portrait!

Excellent Carole.

I love your style! Nice bright, optimistic and confident work Carole :)

A super self portrait Carole. Vibrant and very well painted.

Thank you so much Collette, Marilyn, David, Heather, Alan, John and David for boosting my morale, which was very much deflated by family comments. It is so good to receive such warm comments that makes all the difference, in attempting to tackle more challenging art work.

Nice to see you! I am sure you are as sunny as you look.

Your portrait exudes vibrancy, warmth and a feeling of serenity, and if those qualities don't constitute a successful portrait then I don't know what does Carole.

Great, Carole, fresh and expressive

How lovely of you to make such generous comments Gudrun. I feel very flattered to receive such praise from you Russell as your portraits are so amazing. Thank you Thalia, your words mean a lot.

Very good Pastel Portrait Carole.

I agree with all the comments, it's a lovely self portrait Carole.

A lovely vibrant portrait Carole, love your sunny expression. Brilliant hair.

Many thanks for your support George, Roger and Carole🌞🌞🌞

Very clever self portrait Carole, lovely colours.

Not knowing what you look like, Carole, I'll just comment on the painting which is bright, open, with movement and life; lovely! Much love and God bless, Andy xx

First of all, it's lovely to see you Carole! I think this is a beautiful portrait. There is nothing vacant about the expression you have captured, your eyes are so warm and the whole image is radiant!

Love the very contemporary feel of this, Carole. Very nicely done!

Thank you so much for your lovely, encouraging words Gillian, Andrew, Diane and Seok. Needless to say that they mean a great deal to me.

Great self portrait!

Posted by Leo Ge on Thu 01 Jul 12:36:52
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Trying to improve my portraiture skills but it’s extremely difficult to paint oneself. I confess to leaving out loads of wrinkles as it would have been far too time consuming. My family thinks I look like someone from Planet of the Apes and I suppose I do look a bit vacantly neandothrilic.

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