Angling for Clouds (revised)

Angling for Clouds (revised)

I live right near this. Before I read where it was I thought I know that view. I hide little painted stones for children to find around that walk. What a small world we live in. This is beautifully painted. That water is gorgeous the reflections of the trees are amazing. You are very talented.

Thank you very much, Jennifer, for the very kind comments. I thought you were from round these parts, given some of your comments regarding your own work, but I wasn't sure. I'm originally from South Shields but have lived near here for approx 28 years. The Reserve is a beautiful place to walk, is it not. Delighted you recognized this view, absolutely delighted. It only took me 27 years to find them. LOL Bri

Beautiful painting. Colours are bold and bright. Not many can paint all these trees and foliage without merging them into one. Good one.

Looks tremendous Brian, I can't fault it.

Thank you very much, Toulla and Alan, for dropping in to comment. Much appreciated. The background trees are slightly crisper in reality but this is pretty close, or close enough. I was very pleased with the addition of the left-hand side foliage, mainly because it needed some extra depth, or at least I thought so at the time. Thanks again to both. Bri

Yes it's a stunning walk, you would not believe you are in the middle of loads of houses, it's so quiet and tranquil, and the pub over the road does lovely food ha ha. Have you been to hopwood nature reserve it's smaller but has hopwood hall (it's being renovated at the moment) and lots of farms with deer, horses, sheep, cows etc all around there. Plus lots of old houses like the old school house, and the church at hopwood hall college. Some lovely things to paint. Then there's Rochdale canal right near there with the little pub on the water. Some gorgeous little places that are perfect for a landscape painter like you. I wish I had your talent for landscape. There's so much around here I want to paint ha ha we even have the oldest pub in Manchester the olde boars head, plus loads of Edgar wood buildings that are just stunning, and st lennards church is well worth a visit for the windows alone. Ha ha I sound like a Middleton travel agent don't I.

Your adjustments have improved the composition beautifully Brian, the trees either side have framed the view perfectly. My favourite additions however are the foreground grasses.....gorgeous how they light up that corner.

It was beautiful before (I remember it well) but your small changes have made it perfect Bri. It's superb!

A stunning piece of work, Bri - just perfect...

It does look beautiful Brian and your reflections are great. There are fishing lakes tucked away near here and you’ve reminded me that I haven’t been that way for years, better get the painting gear out and get down there!

Thanks again, Jennifer, for the great visit and very welcome suggestions. I was planning some late summer/autumn paintings when I stumbled on these ponds by accident. I knew of them, thinking they were private, but decided to pull into the car park to read the signs etc. Nothing ventured. I was amazed to find free parking and several super nature trails winding through the trees and pond borders. I know the names of three of them but there are six, The Big Lodge, The Bog Pond and The Perch Pond but I'm clueless to the other three. I've one more to paint and possibly a winter scene if we get enough snow this year. It really is lovely. I know of the Hopwood Hall Reserve but I've never been. Must make a point of getting up there soon to see how things are coming along. Thanks for the nudge. I was in The Old Boar's Head on Christmas Eve with my son for a quick chat and a couple of beers, so I know that part of Midd well. I've even written a poem about Samuel Bamford. Don't worry, I won't inflict it upon you. LOL Anyway, yes, a small world indeed. Bri

Thank you very much Fiona, Margaret, Jan and Tessa, for the generous replies to this revision. Very much appreciated. I'm so pleased you all think it's an improvement, because I've been looking at it for an age AND it was the only painting I did for a few weeks. Back into it now. I'm starting a new one tomorrow and even have two requests, from family, (don't get too excited) for paintings. My sister must be one of the few people I know who wants a Lake district painting without any bloody water! Castlerigg Stone Circle, she said. I found these ponds by accident, Tessa, but they DO make for a good subject. I'd love to see your angling ponds when you're finished. Thanks again to all Bri

lovely painting Brian, beautiful reflections

Thank you very much, David, for dropping in to comment. Much appreciated. Bri

I really like this scene, especially the reflections and light on the trees and foreground grass/foliage.

Thank you very much for the kind comments, Laurence. I'm delighted you liked this one. Bri

Superb work & I love your gallery too.

Thank you, Caroline, for the kind comments. Very much appreciated. I'm really pleased you enjoyed my gallery, so thank you very much for letting me know. Bri

Beautifully painted Brian - gorgeous reflections.

Thank you very much, Margaret. What a nice surprise. Bri

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 50 x 40 cms. I've substantially repainted this one, adding more foliage to the foreground and retouching everything but the sky. The original is still in my gallery if you'd like to compare the two. (just saying ) *smile*. The painting shows one of Alkrington Nature Reserve's anging ponds, on the day I spotted these clouds in one of the small lakes. I nearly fell in the water when trying to take some photos, phone and all, after snagging my feet in the undergrowth. I just managed to keep my balance but laughed for a couple of minutes afterwards. Anyway, see what you think.

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